Discovering Rephonic: Innovations in Podcast Collaboration and Insights ft. Becca Butcher | Marketing Lead at Rephonic

In this episode, we’re diving into an exciting conversation with Becca Butcher, the Marketing Lead at Rephonic. She’s here to share her insights into the world of podcasting and how Rephonic’s unique tool can help podcasters connect and collaborate.

Becca’s background in marketing and content shines as we discuss the power of AI in podcasting and the strategies behind content creation.

Becca Butcher discusses her journey into marketing and how she found her way to Rephonic. She provides valuable insights into the Rephonic platform, which boasts a vast database of over two and a half million podcasts, offering essential data like listener numbers, audience demographics, and more.

She explains how Rephonic is a valuable tool for brands, agencies, and podcasters looking to collaborate and find the right shows to feature on or promote.

Episode Highlights:

  • SEMrush: An essential tool for keyword analysis, search volume assessment, and competition evaluation.
  • Rephonic’s Spider Web Tool: A game-changer for podcasters, connecting them with their audience and uncovering related podcasts.
  • Becca Butcher’s Role: Insights from Becca, the Marketing Lead at Rephonic, covering SEO, industry articles, and effective platform promotion.
  • Rephonic’s YouTube Venture: Expanding into YouTube to provide valuable educational content for the podcasting community.
  • AI in Content Creation: How AI complements human content creation efforts.
  • Backlinks and SEO: Becca discusses the importance of organic backlinks and industry authority for SEO success.

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