PlayerFM to Castmagic: How Greg Wasserman Shapes Success Through Networking Relationships

In this conversation, Greg Wasserman, Head of Growth, Partnerships, and Community as Castmagic, discusses his podcast journey, insights, and the revolutionary tools shaping the future of podcasting. With an extensive background that spans from Player FM to his current role at Castmagic, Greg shares his philosophy on networking, building relationships, and how these strategies can significantly impact podcasters and industry professionals alike.

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Greg Wasserman’s Journey into Podcasting

Greg’s career in podcasting took a pivotal turn when he was at the forefront of Player FM, a platform dedicated to enhancing the podcast listening experience. His role involved diving deep into the podcast world, understanding the needs of hosts and listeners, and ensuring that shows were accessible and discoverable across various platforms.

This experience not only solidified his expertise in podcast distribution and growth strategies but also laid the groundwork for his understanding of the industry’s dynamics.

Gregs Transition to Castmagic

At Castmagic, Greg is at the helm of partnerships and community, driving the platform to new heights by empowering podcasters with tools to efficiently produce, distribute, and monetize their content. Castmagic represents a new era of podcasting, where creators can focus on delivering quality content without being bogged down by the intricacies of production and promotion.

How To Network and Build Relationships

Beyond technology and tools, Greg emphasizes the importance of networking and relationship building in the podcasting industry. He advocates for a ‘We, not Me’ approach, encouraging podcasters to engage with their peers, listeners, and industry professionals genuinely and collaboratively.

Greg’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that meaningful connections can lead to unexpected opportunities, growth, and success in the ever-competitive podcasting landscape.


  • Networking and building relationships are crucial for success in podcasting.

  • Focusing on a niche audience and treating yourself as a brand can lead to growth and monetization opportunities.

  • AI technology, such as Castmagic, can automate podcast repurposing and save time for podcasters.

  • Exploring different listening platforms can help reach a wider audience.

  • Video podcasts can be beneficial for engaging with viewers, but audio remains the primary medium for many listeners.


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