The Great Social Media Podcast Myth – EP 57

Get ready to unlearn everything you thought you knew about podcast growth. This episode challenges a common misconception in the podcasting world – that social media is the magic key to audience growth. Our host, Eric, a seasoned industry insider, takes a hard stance based on years of experience and evidence from their own podcast journey.

Social media, while a powerful tool for conversation and content discussion, may not be the golden ticket for podcast growth that it’s often portrayed to be. 

This episode dives into why the relationship between social media and podcast growth isn’t as straightforward as many believe, and what strategies actually do work when it comes to expanding your listener base.

Social Media Followers Don’t Convert To Podcast Listeners:

  • Social Media Misalignment: Social media platforms and podcasts cater to different types of content consumers. Social media typically delivers quick dopamine hits through short-form content. On the other hand, podcasts offer long-form, immersive content requiring a more focused form of engagement.
  • Platform Switching Hassle: Converting a social media viewer into a podcast listener requires them to take additional steps – leaving the social platform, going to a podcast app, finding your show, and then starting to listen. This barrier can deter potential listeners.
  • Screen-Free Nature of Podcasts: Podcasts’ screen-free nature is one of their strengths, as it allows listeners to engage while multitasking. However, this presents a challenge when trying to convert social media views, which require screen attention, into podcast downloads.

Episode Highlights:

  • A deep-dive into why social media doesn’t necessarily translate to podcast growth, despite common beliefs.
  • Evidence-based insights from our host’s own podcasting journey and industry experience.
  • Discussion on how social media excels at sparking conversations and debates, but doesn’t necessarily drive listeners to podcasts.
  • Exploration of alternative strategies for podcast growth that have proven effective.
  • Comparative analysis of social media-based growth strategies versus these alternative methods.
  • Actionable tips and advice for podcasters looking to grow their audience effectively.

Join us as we debunk myths and shine a light on the truth about podcast growth. You won’t want to miss this enlightening discussion.

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