These are my April podcast picks. As a podcast production, and audio engineer, I like sharing what I’m listening to, to get you curious about what’s out there and help you step out of your podcast comfort zone. We all have our 2-3 shows that we can’t get through the week without, but I encourage you to try something new in a category that you normally wouldn’t care about. After all, the genre of the podcast shouldn’t determine whether or not you think it’s a good podcast, the content should. In this issue, I’ve selected a health and wellness podcast, a comedy and interview style show, hosted by a comedian.

Swole Patrol

Swole Patrol podcast cover art

The Swole Patrol is a new show, hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky and Mike Catherwood (both former LoveLine Hosts. As of writing this, they’re only 7 episodes in. This show is about lifting heavy weights and eating a low carb, high fat diet. Drew and Mike interview world-class weight lifters, nutritionists and body builders. They discuss training techniques, ketogenic diets and different nutritional supplements. Some of the theories discussed on the show are extreme, but that’s why I like it. Ever think about completely eliminating carbohydrates from your diet, or literally ONLY eating red meat? Me either, but they interview experts and Dr.’s who swear by these types of diets. Mike and Drew had a long stint on KROQ, the LA-based radio station, so their chemistry on the mic is excellent.

Legally Insane


Legally Insane Podcast Cover Art

Legally Insane is hosted by comedians Matt Ritter and Tony Sam. In this show they delve into some of the craziest laws that still exist in the United States today. Did you know it’s illegal to mispronounce “Arkansas”? These guys are both stand up comedians, actors and reality TV show producers. Their back and forth banter is hilarious and their improv skills are top notch. They’ll have you laughing within the first few minutes of each episode as they re-enact the characters that a lot of these crazy laws are based on. I work on this show, but still wanted to share it with you as one of my picks, because if you’re into comedy you’ll definitely enjoy this show.


Here’s a snippet of their latest episode


WTF With Marc Maron

WTF with Marc Maron

If most of you are avid podcast listeners then at some point I’m sure you’ve heard of WTF with Marc Maron. This is one of the podcasts that really helped launch podcasting into the mainstream. On the show Marc Maron interviews comedians and actors and at one point, even President Barack Obama. Maron asks interesting questions in his interviews, that really get the guests to think and start a good dialogue. These aren’t interviews to stroke egos, these are interviews to really get in the mind of high performing people in the industry and have them open up about their successes, failures, hobbies and insecurities.

Maron himself is no stranger to opening up about his insecurities. He typically opens the show with a story about a current event in his life. He shares with the audience his current state of mind and what he’s doing to keep his mental health in tact. Maron often refers back to his sobriety and tells the listener stories of his alcoholic past. WTF is one of my picks because it never disappoints. The guests are always entertaining even if you don’t know who they are. Maron’s conversation with them will draw you in quickly and keep you engaged.