When editing your podcast, speed and accuracy are everything. If you could speed up your editing time, would you? Chances are the answer is yes. You could then use that extra time away from the screen to focus on other parts of your business or life. The way to save upfront time editing without having to vastly improve your editing skills is to get a bigger computer monitor.

Working on a 13inch or 15inch laptop only gives you so much screen real estate and doesn’t allow you to keep all your editing tools open and in view. On a smaller screen you can’t extend the track lengths in the edit window long enough to make edits down the line, on the fly, ahead of what’s playing back. With larger screens you can extend track lengths long enough to start making edits 30 seconds to a minute ahead of playback. Imagine taking out breaths, shortening pauses and removing “um’s” before they happen? With larger computer monitors it’s totally doable. Of course, you need to be enough of a skilled editor to be able to visually identify these things in the wav. without having to listening to them. Also, working a screen that is big enough to keep your mix window open, next to your edit window is also clutch. When your mix window is open you can access plug-in’s quickly and make changes on the fly.

How big is big enough? For podcast editing I recommend a minimum screen size of 21 inches, but if you have the space, 24 -27 inches is preferable. I understand that a lot of you work off a laptop. If that’s the case you could try something like this https://www.yourslide.com/. It connects to your laptop and adds a second screen, giving your more flexibility.

Once you begin editing your podcast on a large screen, you’re going to be stoked at how much faster and easier you can edit an episode. The time saved might not seem like a big deal at first. But, if you’re shaving 15 minutes off editing an episode, it adds up throughout the month and year. With that extra time your can work on your podcasting business, not in it.