Podcast Editing, Mixing and Mastering

Successful podcasts strike the perfect balance between captivating content and incredible sound quality. Without great content, you won’t have a compelling message to send out into the world. But without great audio, audiences simply won’t want to stay tuned in – and that’s a problem. Our podcast editing and audio engineering team is trained in podcast audio post-production protocol. We help you meet your needs by creating a consistent, high-quality sound for your show.


  • Detailed podcast editing and mixing. Our podcast editing team can edit for content and remove unwanted portions of the show, based on your timestamps. This includes trimming undesirable portions of the podcast, altering the episode layout and removing any clips you simply don’t want to include.
  • Background noise reduction. This essential post-processing task is imperative for all podcasters. Sound leaks, environmental influences, and less-than-ideal equipment can interfere with quality. Our experts engineer your audio to achieve crisp, clean audio, free from hissing, pops, or clicks.
  • De-reverb. This advanced post-processing technique eliminates the stereotypical “warble” that can sometimes occur while recording – especially when you aren’t in the studio. This helps your audience focus on the message you’re communicating rather than issues with sound as it comes through.
  • Mixing in intro/outro/music/ads. Editors insert custom branded information for your podcast. We can layer in branded intros and outros, insert ads, or even create spaces for sponsored messages to help you monetize and develop your brand like a true professional.
  • Removing awkward pauses, verbal tics, filler words. Our podcast editing team will fine-tune conversations to help you eliminate awkwardness and preserve authority. Those little moments where someone stumbles over their words, uses too many “ums” or just wanders off track aren’t a problem anymore.
  • Applying EQ and compression. EQ and compression help our editors create an amazing listening experience for your audience. Removing problems such as low-frequency resonances, fluctuations in gain, and excessive bass, mids, or treble, instantly lifts content up and makes it easier to hear.
  • Breath reduction. Breathing is a must – but there’s no good reason your audience has to hear it happen. When it comes through on your recording, it should be reduced. Our editors can adeptly eliminate or minimize breaths, helping voices shine through.
  • Mastering to a loudness of -16 LUFS. Some variance in loudness is expected, and in fact, even desired. Too much can create a frustrating experience for your audience. We help by mastering your audio to -16 LUFS standards, striking the perfect balance for listeners.

“I highly recommend Eric for any audio based project! He’s been working on our top rated podcast on iTunes since 2015! He is hard working, reliable and great at what he does. I can’t say enough positive things about him. A+! You won’t find better!”

- Katelyn Rush, Co-host of “The Feel Good” Podcast

“Thank you again for everything. You've been amazing and I recommend you to anyone needing a good editor”

- Shannah Compton Game, host of “Millennial Money