Isn’t Riverside a Podunk Town in Southern California?

Yes, well…maybe. It’s also an awesome new website where you can record studio-quality podcasts and video interviews from within your chrome browser. It’s the new king in town for remote recording.

Why you should pivot to

With Riverside.FM you can record local HD video, up to 4K, and local individual uncompressed 48KHZ Wav files. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t incorporate video into my podcast.” Come on bro, it’s 2021 and multi-media podcasts are becoming more and more popular. Dare I say, NECESSARY to grow your show. Video will improve your discoverability, through publishing on YouTube. It’ll create a more intimate space for you to connect with your audience because people will be able to see that mug of yours.

For those of you who aren’t privy to cutting video, Riverside actually stitches together a video file of your entire discussion, so, even if you don’t have strong video editing chops, I’m willing to bet you can likely figure out how to drop the file into some video editing software, lop off the top of the recording to find the episode starting point, and cut the tail to find the episode endpoint. Then, you can drop a bumper in there with your logo and episode number, and BOOM, upload that baby to YouTube. Riverside also cuts together a mixed audio file of the episode. You can use this as a backup or just roll with it and do some light processing in post. Moments after a session is over, Riverside will upload all your files to your dashboard. You’ll get individual wavs, a mixed wav, individual video files, and a cut together video. Everything is stored on Riverside’s servers, so in theory, you’ll never lose any files.

Producer Mode also has a “producer mode”, which is maybe the raddest thing about it, and certainly the feature I use most. In producer mode, you join the session, without having your track recorded. This free’s up bandwidth and storage. Once in the session, in producer mode, you have control over all the participants’ audio levels. You’re also the one who hits the big fat record button, cool huh? I’ve worked with several hosts who have forgotten to hit the record button because they’re so focused on their notes, nailing the discussion and creating a good episode. Producer mode free’s them up from worrying about recording and running tech.

With you can live stream to Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube simultaneously. I’ve personally never used that feature, but, it seems awesome! They pitch this feature as something like “No need for another monthly subscription, live stream with us!”

Your Final Files Will Sound and Look Better Than They Appear

There’s one odd thing I’ve noticed in the last few months of me recording episodes for my clients with Riverside. If a participant has a weak internet connection, they will appear blurry in the session. Riverside fixes this in post-production processing, but it can be annoying and distracting during the conversation. During the recording, a little message will pop up from Riverside saying “Video quality will end up being much better than it appears.” Just keep that in mind, in the event that you start a session and someone’s video looks like caca.

Time To Up Your Remote Game

If you’re looking to jump ship to the latest and greatest OR add a video component (video should be a part of your overall content strategy if it’s not already) then Riverside FM is definitely something worth looking into. It’s time to start upping your game people. I’m tired of those crappy Zoom podcast recordings. If you want to grow, great audio and video are a must.