March Podcast Picks - The podcast Haven

If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for new podcasts. I have 3-4 shows that I subscribe to regularly, but every month I like to pick a couple new shows and listen to a few episodes. I straight up search iTunes and click on shows that look interesting. Podcast cover art is what initially draws me in, then I look for the title. I’ll play a couple minutes of the show and if I’m interested I’ll keep listening. Below is a list of my new favorite shows. I’ll be posting a new list every month.

Pour Not Poor

March Podcast Picks - The Podcast Haven

Pour Not Poor is two dudes discussing craft beers and talking finances. This show provides some insight on where to invest your money, also how to improve your credit score and tips for saving. These guys aren’t bankers by trade. That’s actually why I like it. Rather, this podcast is about basic investment advice from a couple educated dudes sitting around enjoying some beers and speaking to middle and low-income guys. Not that their advice is elementary, in fact, they actually know what they’re talking about. That’s what makes the show great. The podcast is presented in a way that’s not intimidating and their laid-back conversations lure you in. It’s a pod that reminds me of my group of friends on any given night.

The Koy Pond

March Podcast Picks - The Podcast Haven

Jo Koy is one of the biggest comedians in the world right now. His jokes are largely about his strong Pilipino upbringing. Koy’s mom is the brunt of his jokes, but it’s all in good fun. The show is produced by Caelan Biehn, who works for Carolla Digital. In fact, this show is recorded in Adam Carolla’s studio. Koy brings in a lot of interesting guests, including Actors, Comedians, and friends. If you want a podcast will make you laugh and is also an easy listen. Look for Koy’s massive tour bus in a city near you, because he’s currently touring the country. He’s also got a hilarious Netflix special of him doing stand up.

The Way I Heard It

March Podcast Picks - The Podcast Haven

You guys know him from “Dirty Jobs”, Mike Rowe hosts The Way I Heard It Podcast. This podcast is a short form show where Mike provides little tidbits on hard work, business, health, and happiness. Therefore, Rowe tells stories from what he’s learned from his blue-collar past and walks the listener through different ideologies of success. The Way I Heard It Podcast is currently the #1 short form podcast in the US and is picking up more and more steam. I highly recommend this show if you’re a fan of Mike Rowe. His voice sounds fantastic on the mic and also makes it easy to listen to his advice.  Rowe is always advocating to follow your efforts and to learn to love your job.