Market Your Podcast with Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools

In this article, I’m diving into the Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools. These little-known tools are a great way to boost your content with custom Apple assets and links. Plus, as we all know, growing your show on Apple Podcasts is the most important factor in determining the long term success of your podcast.

If you’re not the reading type, I recorded a podcast on this topic. You can find it here.

My Apple Marketing Discovery

About two months ago I discovered these really cool promotional tools from Apple Podcasts that I had no idea existed. I’m in several podcast groups on Facebook, Reddit, and in some other online communities. Nobody has ever mentioned these marketing tools. I got excited about them and wanted to share them, so here I am. These promotional features are great for driving people to listen to your show on Apple Podcasts. So, if you want to push your audience to listen to your podcast via Apple, check these out!

I’ll be covering three features from these marketing tools:

  • The Social Media Post Generator
  • The Apple Podcasts Embedded Media Players
  • The Apple Podcasts QR Codes

Social Media Post Generation

A lot of podcasters create promotional graphics for their shows in Canva. Apple Podcasts actually has a tool for this. It’s an automated process, which makes it quick and easy. It’s a great way to drive social media buzz and encourage the sharing of your podcast. Hopefully you can generate some interest for your podcast using this tool, and convert people to check out your show on Apple Podcasts.

With the social media post generator you can generate customized posts to promote your podcast as a whole, or to promote individual episodes. It’s a rad tool.

How To Use It

  1. Type in the name of your podcast
  2. Choose a design
  3. Choose a size – There are vertical, square, and widescreen size templates. The square size graphics are great for Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn posts. Vertical is great for Instagram and Facebook stories, and widescreen is great for YouTube. I like creating vertical promo graphics and sharing them on Instagram stories, because on IG stories you can post links. I always share the Apple link to the episode I’m pushing out.

The social media post generator is going to give you a few design options to choose from. They all feature your podcast cover art. You can change the background color of the post, and choose from a variety of headlines that you want written on the graphic. Keep in mind that these are relatively simple designs and you’re not able to add your own images or trick these out. But, it’s an easy and clean way to create promotional posts. They honestly look really good and require very little effort to make.

Drop Down Headlines Menu



The headlines are accessed from a dropdown menu. For example, if the episode your promoting is a trailer, you select “trailer”, and it’ll label your graphic as a trailer. If it’s a brand new episode, you select “new episode” and that will automatically get added to the graphic. There’s 10 headlines to choose from, so you get plenty of promotional options for the type of messaging you want to push out.

It’s also important to note that whatever you titled the episode when it was released, will automatically be written on the graphic card. There’s no changing this unless you first change the name of the episode in your podcast host.

Apple Media Players

I know there’s nothing new about embedding a media player onto your website or into your email list. But, this is cool because it’ll help your Apple analytics when people listen through this player.

Here’s the media player for my podcast, Clipped. This is the Apple player in dark mode.

The size of the player is responsive, which means it expands to automatically fit mobile and desktop layouts. For looks, you can choose between a light and dark theme.

To embed the player you simply copy paste the code they provide. The above image is what was auto sized for this blog post.

Try embedding the player into you newsletters, blog posts, or wherever you promote your podcast outside of social media. People are lazy, you can mention your podcast over and over again and they still wont listen. Sometimes shoving a player like this in their face is the only way to get them interested. People on the internet need things that are extremely simple, and quick. Dropping this player into the different places your community hangs out should generate some listens.

Apple Podcasts QR codes

Podcasters can generate an Apple Podcasts QR code. This is a cool way to share your podcast, especially in person. Covid has made scanning QR codes popular AF, so be sure to post your QR code every so often wherever you promote. Also, whip it out the next time you’re at the bar and have had a few. I always get pumped when I scan a QR code somewhere and it just pops up on my phone, for some reason it’s fun. Make it fun, get creative and use your QR code in unique ways. People love discovering that kind of shit.

Scan it and give Clipped a follow.

The Importance of Trying Different Marketing Strategies

I like to try different things. I have my go to marketing strategies, but I like to try different types of graphics on different social media platforms, at different times. It’s good to have different tools in the playbook for promoting. But, I’m always trying to drive people to Apple.

Have you’ve tried the embedded podcast player from your podcast host? Libsyn, Buzzsprout, Spreaker, all the hosts have their own version of them. If you’re not getting the results you want from your hosts player, maybe you should try something new. Perhaps you’ll get more eyes and clicks on these Apple players. Whatever you do, I think it’s important to always keep looking for new ways to try and grow your audience.

Podcast Resources

Are you having trouble getting your podcast off the ground? Then you need The Four Pillars of Podcasting.

This ebook breaks down the entire podcasting process into four pillars: pre-production, production, post-production, and launch. By reading through it and mastering each pillar, you’ll be fully equipped with what it takes to launch a successful podcast. Be sure to grab your copy today!

If you guys have any podcast questions, shoot me an email at I love connecting with you guys.

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