Sound is an inherently emotional and engaging medium – that’s why podcasting is so popular in the first place. But the message you share, and how you share it, is really only half of the story. A strong podcast marketing plan is essential to growing your brand, expanding your reach, and cultivating a viable audience of dedicated listeners you can rely on. Our podcast marketing team excels in helping podcasters reach for the stars.

Our experts create, maintain, and adjust branding for podcasters daily. Whether you have your own materials already, or you’re developing them from scratch, The Podcast Haven can create video clips for social media, as well as show notes for your podcast. Trust our creative writers and marketing gurus to help you reach your audience while staying consistent to your brand.

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Starting at $125 an episode

Your relationship with your audience starts from the moment you first identify your message. Every element of consistency and growth in that connection is worth celebrating – especially the first time they tune in. But it’s what happens next, and whether you continue to grow your reach in the online sphere, that really matters.

Show Notes give your audience a keyword-rich quick-reference breakdown of the topics and info you share session to session. They instantly create a place for your audience to go when they want to learn more about a topic that you covered on your podcast. But a well-designed snippet also boosts SEO and serves a home base to plug your offerings, books, affiliates and sponsors.

Vertical Video Clips

$400 Per Month

Social media presence plays such an important role in podcast reach. We offer tailor-made video clips designed to complement your podcast episodes, providing a visually engaging experience for your audience across social media platforms. These bite-sized videos not only extend the life of your podcast content but also serve as a strategic asset in enhancing your brand's visibility and engagement online.

“I highly recommend Eric for any audio based project! He’s been working on our top rated podcast on iTunes since 2015! He is hard working, reliable and great at what he does. I can’t say enough positive things about him. A+! You won’t find better!”

- Katelyn Rush, Co-host of “The Feel Good” Podcast

“Thank you again for everything. You've been amazing and I recommend you to anyone needing a good editor”

- Shannah Compton Game, host of “Millennial Money