Carolla Digital


First of all, Carolla Digital: I grew up listening to Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew on Lovelive, so all things Adam Carolla is right up my alley. The majority of podcasters I listen to are on this network. In 2009 KLSX went under and Adam and all the other talk show hosts got let go. Soon after his termination, he began podcasting. Since then he has launched his flagship show “The Adam Carolla Show” as well as ½ a dozen or so other shows.

The Adam and Drew Show

The Adam and Drew show is my favorite show on the network, reminds me of the old Loveline days. This is a call-in show where they offer advice to callers and in between, they discuss everything from politics to health and also sports. Their chemistry is unparalleled and their wisdom is wise beyond its years.

Mark Geragos

Mark Geragos, famed Los Angeles attorney joins comedian Adam Carolla to discuss the legal climate in America. He is a defense attorney who’s known for working with high-end celebrity clients. He’s worked with Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Winona Ryder and also Nate Dogg, to name a few. Furthermore, he’s tried thousands of cases including the Scott Pederson trial and also Whitewater. Adam and Mark keep the listener up to date on current events happening in Los Angeles and around the country, the chat about their ramifications.


Resume is the sideshow put on by the Carolla “Lackey’s”, Adam Carolla’s staff members. These are Audio Engineers and Show Producers who work for Adam, that decided to start their own show on his network. I dig Resume because all the dudes are in their 20s and 30’s and are friends in real life. Reminds me of my crew. On the show the guys discuss what it’s like to work for Adam and recap concerts, restaurants and parties they attend.


WNYC: WNYC is the public radio and non-profit station based out of New York. They have some of the biggest podcasts in the game. A lot of the hosts on this network are true journalists with incredible interview skills and well-produced segments. For that reason, I believe there are a couple dozen shows on their network that run the gamut.

Death Sex and Money

The things people love to talk about most, Death Sex and Money. Host Anna Sale interviews everyday people who have incredible stories about monumental moments in their lives. Anna’s tone on the mic has given me chills numerous times. She’s hands down one of the best interviewers around and her passion for broadcast shows. The show is produced with laid-back jazz music that is used transition between segments. Above all, short 30 minute or fewer episodes help me stay engaged and always leave me wanting more.

The School of Greatness

Finally, Lewis Howes hosts “The School of Greatness”. Lewis Howes is an NY Times best-selling author, lifestyle entrepreneur and former pro athlete. This is an interview style pod, complete with video. Lewis interviews some of the greatest minds of today. He chats with Athletes, Business owners, Musicians and Celebrities about what it means to be great. They discuss the daily rituals, work ethic and passion that it takes to be the best in the world.