Naming Your Podcast

The name of your podcast is going to visible all over the web. It’s important you think long and hard about your podcast name, because changing the name of your podcast whilst you’ve already recorded and launched a dozen episodes is a pain in the ass. This will also confuse your new listeners.

Don’t rush the naming process and while choosing a name think about the overall brand you want to create. I’m going to go over a couple types of podcast names, but before that, I want to mention one important thing. Don’t pick a name that’s already in use. Open 1-2 of your favorite podcast directories and search for the name you’d like. If there are currently no shows with the name you want, BINGO you’re in the clear. You’d be surprised at how many podcasts are already out there with the same name, or a very similar name as the one you want. Don’t get excited and rush into naming the show without doing a little research first. Be smart, be proactive and don’t make me look bad! I warned you!


Catchy/Creative Names

  • The Breakfast Club
  • Punch Drunk Sports
  • Girl Insta-rupted

Descriptive Names

  • Paychecks & Balances
  • Trading Stocks Made Easy
  • The Red Chip Poker Podcast

Real Names

  • The Dr. Drew Podcast
  • The Joe Rogan Show
  • The Adam Carolla Show

Make your podcast name catchy, descriptive or real. Ask yourself who your target audience is, what your niche is and then proceed with creating a name that makes sense for your show/brand.