Online Processing Tools for Basic Editing

I wanted to make a quick post with the beginner podcaster in mind. These are simple tools you can use when you’re brand new to podcasting and are looking for a quick and easy way to edit and sweeten your audio. These tools are good starting points for novices or those who don’t want to learn to use a DAW.

Alitu is an automated online editing platform. It can convert and clean up audio files, join together recordings, and add music and fades to the start and end of your show.

Auphonic – Auphonic is an automated online post-production processing tool. It can level out your audio, and reduce noise, hum, hiss, bleed, and more.

Descript – Descript is a well-rounded post-production tool that offers recording, editing, transcription, and more. What’s cool about Descript is that you can edit your audio files using the transcript, so it’s a bit like using a word processor. That’s handy if you aren’t comfortable with editing on a timeline. Their paid plans start at $10 per month.

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