Speechify: How To Amplify Your Content With AI Voices

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In the latest episode, our host Eric delves into the innovative use of AI voices through the platform Speechify. This tool is not just another tech gadget; it’s a powerful ally in enhancing podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. Here’s what you can expect to learn from this deep dive into the world of AI-enhanced audio.…

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Podcast Productivity Hack: How Listening To Classical Music Can Speed Up Your Podcast Editing

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In this episode of CLIPPED, we explore a simple yet effective productivity hack for podcast editors—listening to classical music while editing. Discover how the soothing yet complex structures of these compositions can help you focus better and edit your podcasts more efficiently. What You’ll Learn The benefits of listening to classical music during creative tasks.…

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Episode Completion Rate Secrets: How To Keep Your Listeners Hooked

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In this episode of CLIPPED, your go-to podcast for all things podcasting, host Eric dives deep into the often overlooked but crucial aspect of podcasting—episode completion rates. From understanding what episode completion rates are, to exploring strategies for enhancing your show’s engagement, Eric shares his insights, experiences, and some hard numbers from his own podcast…

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Gain vs Volume: Setting Up Your Microphone For The Perfect Recording Level

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In this jam-packed episode of CLIPPED, Eric dives into the often misunderstood world of audio levels, focusing on the crucial distinction between gain vs volume. Sponsors: This episode is sponsored by Riverside. Go to Riverside.fm and enter promo code CLIPPED for 20% off. Here’s What You’ll Learn: The difference between gain vs volume, and why…

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Breaking The Fourth Wall: How To Grow Your Relationship With Your Audience

In this episode, we’re tearing down the invisible wall that traditionally separates the performer from the audience, a concept famously known as “breaking the fourth wall.” This technique, while primarily a film/theatre term, is still relevant to podcasting. So, we’re diving into how podcasters can harness this powerful tool to engage listeners on a deeper…

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PlayerFM to Castmagic: How Greg Wasserman Shapes Success Through Networking Relationships

In this conversation, Greg Wasserman, Head of Growth, Partnerships, and Community as Castmagic, discusses his podcast journey, insights, and the revolutionary tools shaping the future of podcasting. With an extensive background that spans from Player FM to his current role at Castmagic, Greg shares his philosophy on networking, building relationships, and how these strategies can…

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Five Tips To Help You Overcome Podcast Burnout

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Ever hit a creative wall? You’re not alone. Today, we’re getting real about podcast burnout – that moment when your passion project feels more like a chore. It’s a common phase for many of us in the podcasting world, myself included. Despite the love and dedication we have for our shows, sometimes the ideas just…

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Starting a Podcast in 2024? Follow These 12 Tips for Success

In this episode, we share valuable lessons and advice that we’ve gathered over the past 88 episodes of our podcasting journey. If you’re starting a podcast in 2024 we highly recommend you listen, learn and implement some of the tips mentioned in this episode.  By doing so, you’ll save time, avoid our mistakes, and set…

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Discovering Rephonic: Innovations in Podcast Collaboration and Insights ft. Becca Butcher | Marketing Lead at Rephonic

becca butcher marketing lead at Rephonic

In this episode, we’re diving into an exciting conversation with Becca Butcher, the Marketing Lead at Rephonic. She’s here to share her insights into the world of podcasting and how Rephonic’s unique tool can help podcasters connect and collaborate. Becca’s background in marketing and content shines as we discuss the power of AI in podcasting and…

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