Episode 4 – The Top 10 Podcast Microphones

Choosing a podcast microphone is one of the biggest hurdles for new podcasters, so this week Eric shares his wisdom on picking the best mic for you. He discusses why he highly recommends dynamic microphones over condenser mics. He also gets off his chest how he hates the Blue Yeti! Eric also dives into the situation surrounding where to position your mic and how close to it you need to be to get the best sound possible.

EP 4 Transcription


“As a podcaster, your sound is one of your biggest concerns. This concern can be your friend or your enemy. It’s really what makes choosing a podcast mic so overwhelming at first.” – Eric Montgomery

“The good news is that nowadays, you can actually get a solid microphone without breaking the bank.” – Eric Montgomery

“When you’re podcasting, you want the sound to be as isolated as possible. So no reverberation, no slapback — just your sound close up on the mic, that full, rich-bodied tone.” – Eric Montgomery


Episode Highlights

  • The difference between dynamic and condenser microphones
  • Eric’s top 10 podcast mic recommendations, including price point and review
  • Where to position your microphone and how far away you should be when you’re speaking into it
  • The difference between USB and XLR microphones
  • How to avoid picking up too much room noise when recording
  • When you might want to upgrade to an audio interface
  • How the size of a microphone’s diaphragm impacts its sound

The Top Ten Microphones For Podcasting

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