Your podcast is going to need music. Perhaps for the intro, outro, to transition segments or for Ad reads. As shocking as it may seem, you can’t go to Apple Music, download a song by your favorite artist and use it for your podcast. Well, you could but your show will likely get flagged and pulled offline. I suppose if you could get in touch with the publishing company/artist that owns the rights to the song, you could try and license it for use in your podcast. BUT, that would likely be expensive and time consuming. IF you do have a decent budget for music and want to license music that’s a little more unique and exclusive you can definitely go that route. A lot of bigger shows do that. But, for the rest of us I recommend using an inexpensive royalty free music library that you can find by doing a quick Google search.

Online there are hundreds of music libraries that have thousands of songs, in dozens of genres. With these Libraries, a lot of time you can purchase a license for anywhere from $20-50. Relatively VERY cheap! The license gives you the right to use the song in your podcast and other media in perpetuity. Pretty sweet deal, right? You’d be surprised at the quality and amount of music some of these libraries have. You can find everything from Country, to Hip-Hop, to Rock, Classical and beyond. Many also have SFX available. These can be great for transitioning segments. Some libraries even have monthly or yearly subscription plans for reasonable prices. Under the subscription model you can download and use as many songs as you’d like during your term!

Recommended PodSafe Music Libraries:


Audio Jungle:

Podcast Music:

Exclusive music that costs a little bit more:

5 Alarm Music:

Audio Netowrk:

Extreme Music: