The World’s First Fully Integrated Podcast Production Studio

The light bulb was a game changing invention, which changed the landscape of humanity forever. The light bulb made just about everything easier for people to do, and every now and then an idea comes along and just makes things easier. This is definitely the case with the RODECaster Pro from RODE Microphones. It is a fully integrated podcast production studio and while it may not change lives the way the light bulb did, it is making it easier to record professional quality podcasts.

This innovative piece of podcast recording equipment will allow anyone anywhere to have a professional podcast studio. By design this is a game changer for the podcasting landscape, currently populated by a wide range of podcasts with greatly varying degrees of quality. Whether you are a beginner podcaster or if you are an experienced pro, if you aren’t working out of a mega expensive state of the art recording studio, the RODECaster Pro is the next best thing.

Professional Podcasting Made Easy

Australian Microphone Giant RODE claims you can be recording podcasts within minutes of opening the box. Not just podcasts though, professional quality podcasts. Connect up to four microphones and start recording. Its Class A servo-based inputs are able to connect with conventional dynamic microphones or power studio condenser microphones. Record with confidence and feel like a professional podcaster with this essential feature. Hear what’s being said clearly as well. The RODECaster Pro also has four headphone outputs with independent volume control.

The RODECaster Pro also has separate inputs for USB or your phone or device. Phone or other devices can be connected by Bluetooth or 3.5mm TRRS. This is great for anyone who is used to using their phone or device and wants to continue to utilize it for podcasts.

Pristine Audio Quality

In the podcast recording world audio quality is everything. Many amateur podcasters receive negative feedback on their podcasts, not based on the quality of their content, but based on the quality of the recording. The RODECaster Pro fully integrated podcast production studio features the APHEX Exciter processing for that crisp, clear tone, previously only found in recordings produced by professional studios.

The APHEX Exciter processor has been at the heart of professional studio recording for years. It is an essential component capturing professional quality sound. It offers superior clarity and greater perceived loudness. The RODECaster Pro also comes with multistage dynamics: compression, limiting and noise-gating.

Professional Features

The RODECaster Pro fully integrated podcast production studio offers recording flexibility. It records directly to a microSD card for self-contained operation, or via USB to your computer. You can also program it will sound effects. This sound effect feature allows you to professionally integrate sound effects seamlessly into your podcast.

Podcasting is the fastest growing media segment and it is remarkable anyone with a modest amount of equipment can record what they want to say and place it on the cloud for anyone and everyone to hear. The RODECaster Pro integrated podcast production studio have been a passion project for the monster microphone manufacturer. Their mission at RODE is to democratize the tools of creativity thus giving the smallest podcaster the ability to make professional quality podcasts.

Podcasts are bringing people together all around the world. There has never been a time when the public had more access to knowledge, opinion and entertainment. Nor has there ever been a time like this, when anyone could so easily record and upload their podcasts. The biggest difference in professional and amateur podcasts has been the quality of the recording. Never before has a beginning podcaster had the opportunity to produce professional quality podcasts.

With the RODECaster Pro fully integrated podcast production studio anyone can record and produce professional quality podcasts.