Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to Promote Your Podcast

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You have to get creative when using social media to promote your podcast. This is one of the easiest and free ways to get more eyes and ears on your podcast, AND, more importantly, grow and strengthen your brand.  Oftentimes social media is the first place someone will see you, your podcast, and your messaging. Your social profiles MUST be attention grabbing and authentic to the vibe you’re conveying. If you don’t have a solid social media strategy for your podcast, you’re dead in the water. You’ve got to be taking your podcast and using it to create an army of smaller pieces of content that can be shared acrossyour various social media platforms.

The below resources and ideas are designed to give you small pieces of content that lead people to your podcast. Using these resources and ideas, you’ll have enough content to be consistently posting on social media and lure people to Apple Podcasts, the most important platform for podcast metrics.

The Podcast Trailer:

You should have all launched your show with a Trailer, if you didn’t, think about making one and pinning it to the top of your profiles. A good formula for your trailer is: “This is a show about X and it’s interesting because of Y and Z.” If your pin your trailer to the top of your social media profiles it’ll be a quick and easy way for newcomers to get some quick info regarding what your podcast is about. I recommend using an audiogram for the visual component of your trailer/social media post.  At The Podcast Haven  we use Waave to create audiograms for our clients. If you don’t know what an audiogram is, you’re late to the party. No wonder your show isn’t getting any downloads or picking up traction! Go to Waave and check out their awesome app for creating audiograms.


Audiograms are static images that are converted into video by placing audio, a waveform, and transcriptions into them (I took this definition from Google). It seemed like the best way to describe an audiogram, so I rolled with it. To create an audiogram, pull a 30 second to 1 minute audio clip of your podcast that highlights an interesting talking point. Then, grab a headshot of your guest and drop it into Waave’s audiogram app. Add background art, text, a moving waveform of your choice, and lastly transcribe it. Waave even has rad templates to get you started. It’s super easy and it’s a compelling way to promote snippets of your podcast on social media. I recommend making 3 per episode as part of your content marketing strategy.




Quote Graphics:

Quotes with images are easy to create and can get you a lot of traction on social media. For example, you can combine a quote from one of your guests with their name, headshot, and credentials to promote your latest episode with them. I’m a fan of highlighting the guest, but you should also make quote graphics that highlight you, the host. It’s important that you position yourself as a leader in your industry.

Adding background art provides a quick, visual snapshot that catches the eye. Make sure to use on-brand colors and if you’re adding any other visual elements, make sure they match the vibe of your podcast. If it’s a comedy podcast it’s going to look different than a finance podcast. Make sure anything you add to your guest’s headshot makes sense, OBVIOUSLY. Canva is a great resource for designing quote graphics, they have tons of templates in different shapes and sizes, the ability to add in your own photos, the ability to re-size photos for different social media platforms, and, best of all, the Canva starting package is free!

Pretty and Punk Podcast - EP 122


These are quick and easy ways to promote your podcast on social media. Creating a couple of quote graphics and audiograms for each episode will give you enough content to post 5-7x for that episode. You can spread these social media assets around, too. Try making different content pieces for different social media channels. Build out a few templates for these and give your audience different pieces of content for different social platforms. I’ve found that audiograms perform the best on Instagram and quote graphics perform the best on Twitter. You don’t have to blow your load all at once, either. Get some of these assets automated in your social media post rotation and drive listeners back to older episodes that have evergreen messages. Once you do this for a couple dozen episodes, you’ll have content for days, and always something to post in your feeds.


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Keep creating,

Eric – The Founder of The Podcast Haven