August 2023 Earnings Unveiled: My Life as a Content Creator – EP 65

Welcome back to another episode of Clipped, the go-to podcast for all things podcasting. Today we’re diving into a topic that’s both exciting and enlightening: my creator earnings for August 2023.

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The Reason Behind the Share

Why am I sharing this, you ask? Well, for starters, I want to show you that making money online as a content creator is not some mythical unicorn; it’s very much achievable. Secondly, these numbers serve as a realistic benchmark for those of you with a similar audience size. Lastly, to inspire you to get started on your content creator journey. It’s not too late!

So, let’s give it a go.

The Three Ways I Make Money

Podcast Sponsorships

My first income stream is podcast sponsorships. Brands pay me to give them a shout out during the episode, and for August, I raked in $300.

Affiliate Marketing

Next up is affiliate marketing. I made $83.17 from Amazon and $86.40 from

Amazon Influencer Program

Last but not least, the Amazon Influencer Program brought in $664.99 for August. I review products on Amazon, and if you make a purchase after watching my video, I get a commission.

My Creator Earnings

  • Total from Podcast Sponsorships: $300

  • Total from Affiliate Marketing: $169.57

  • Total from Amazon Influencer Program: $664.99

  • Grand Total for August 2023: $1,134.56

Audience Metrics for Context

  • Podcast Downloads: 951 for August, 7,439 total

  • Website Visitors: 2,142 for August

  • Instagram Followers: 3,796

  • YouTube Subscribers: 92

  • LinkedIn Followers: 682

  • Email List: 564 subscribers

Final Thoughts: Your Turn to Shine

I hope these numbers inspire you to kickstart or ramp up your own content creation journey. Whether you’re looking to make a living or just some side cash, the key takeaway is this: it’s never too late to start. If you need help, hit me up at Podcast Haven and let’s make your content creation dreams a reality.

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