8 Common Podcast Mistakes To Avoid – EP 64

Welcome back to another episode of Clipped, the podcast that’s your go-to source for all things podcasting. This episode dives into the common podcast mistakes people make, and how to avoid them. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned podcaster, these tips are designed to help you elevate your podcast game. 

Let’s Give It a Go…

Episode Highlights

1. Using a Condenser Microphone

The Mistake: Many podcasters opt for condenser microphones, which are sensitive and pick up all sorts of background noise.
The Fix: Switch to a dynamic microphone. They isolate your voice and give you that rich, broadcast tone you’re after.

2. Not Using a Microphone At All

The Mistake: Some podcasters, especially guests, talk directly into their laptop microphone. Big mistake.
The Fix: At the very least, use a wired headset. If you’re hosting, invest in a quality podcast microphone.

3. Recording Via Zoom

The Mistake: Zoom may be great for meetings, but it’s not ideal for podcasting due to compressed audio and potential dropouts.
The Fix: Use a platform designed for podcasting like Riverside.fm. It offers high-quality audio and video recording.

4. Not Being on All Platforms

The Mistake: Limiting your podcast to just one or two platforms.
The Fix: Distribute your podcast on as many platforms as possible, including YouTube, to maximize your reach.

5. Lack of Target Audience or Niche

The Mistake: Starting a podcast without a clear target audience or subject matter.
The Fix: Define your audience, niche, and goals before you even hit record. This will serve as your roadmap for future episodes.

6. Interrupting Guests or Speaking Over Them

The Mistake: Constantly interrupting your guests or thinking about your next question instead of actively listening.
The Fix: Practice active listening. Jot down notes if you have something to say, but let your guest finish speaking first.

7. Not Doing Guest Research

The Mistake: Inviting guests onto your show without proper research can lead to a lackluster conversation.
The Fix: Spend one to two hours researching your guest. Make sure they align with your podcast’s theme and can offer value to your audience.

8. Failing to Promote Your Podcast

The Mistake: Not promoting your podcast can limit its growth.
The Fix: Be your own biggest fan. Utilize social media, newsletters, and word-of-mouth to get the word out there.

Avoid These 8 Podcast Mistakes

By avoiding these podcast mistakes, you’re not just dodging pitfalls; you’re setting yourself up for a podcast that’s more professional, engaging, and far-reaching.

Whether it’s the tech you use or the way you engage with your guests, each choice you make can either elevate your show or hold it back.

So, don’t sleep on these tips. Keep them in your back pocket and revisit them often. Remember, the most common podcast mistakes are also the easiest to fix.

All it takes is a little know-how and a willingness to adapt.

Keep listening, keep engaging, and keep creating

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