Boost Your Podcast Downloads with mowPod: A Guide to Paid Promotion

Poddy People! Welcome back. In this episode of CLIPPED, Eric dives into how to boost downloads for podcast episodes using mowPod. Regardless of where you are on your podcast journey, understanding the benefits of a paid strategy for podcast growth is essential. Join Eric as he shares his experience with mowPod and how it can help you get more downloads for your episodes. 

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What Is mowPod?

mowPod is a service designed to increase the visibility and boost podcast downloads for specific episodes. With it, you can pay to “boost” specific episodes, potentially increasing your audience and reaching new listeners. 

Eric discusses his personal experience with mowPod, including the process of setting up a campaign, the costs involved, and the results he’s expecting. He also discusses the retention rates and engagement metrics reported by mowPod, providing a comprehensive overview of what to expect when using their services.

How mowPod Works

Users can create an account, enter their podcast’s RSS feed, select an episode to promote, and set a budget starting at $100. They guarantees a certain number of downloads based on the budget. 

The platform creates and places ads across various websites to target the right audience. Users can monitor their campaign progress through the dashboard.

For more details, visit MoPod Boost.

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