Episode 11 – Descript: How Edit A Podcast By Editing Text

This week on Clipped, I’m diving into the good, the bad, and the ugly of Descript. Mostly the good! Descript removes the technical aspect of podcast editing. It works via transcription. You upload your audio file and Descript transcribes it. To edit your audio you simply delete text from the transcript. Whatever words you cut, cuts that corresponding audio. Pretty cool! Editing is just the beginning. Descript is essentially a fully functional DAW. You can record, edit and mix with it. With Descript you can fix mistakes, add in music, eq dialogue, drop in SFX, and more.

My favorite thing about Descript is the “filler word removal tool”. Looking to clean up someone’s speech and remove umm’s, ahh’s, and other mistakes? Simply type those words into the filler word removal tool, and BOOM, Descript will auto delete all instances of your chosen words. I also love the fact that it’s collaborative. Anyone on your team can make adjustments to the transcription at any time, and it updates in real-time. It features non-destructive editing, so, edits can always be reverted back to their original version if mistakes are made.

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Don’t take it from me, try it out for yourself and see how Descript can double your production speed. If you want to check it out, use my affiliate link to sign up. It helps support the show.

Descript Highlights:

  • Multitrack editing
  • Audiogram creation
  • Remote recording
  • Filler word removal
  • Live editing
  • Overdub
  • Mic bleed removal
  • Noise reduction
  • Eq and Compression
  • Live collaboration and commenting

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