Episode 12 – How To Get Featured On Apple Podcasts

On the show this week, I share how to get featured on Apple Podcasts, whether your show is brand new or already has a following. I outline my lessons learned from submitting Clipped to Apple Podcasts and I outline what I plan to do next time to have a better chance of being featured. I’m also diving into how top-quality podcast artwork can encourage the Apple Podcast team to select your podcast for a feature.

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“If you get featured by Apple podcasts, you’re gonna have exponential growth for your show.” – Eric Montgomery

“Apple podcast editors routinely feature compelling shows to help listeners find new favorites.” – Eric Montgomery

“Apple podcasts currently is probably the most important place to gain notoriety for your podcast.” – Eric Montgomery


Episode Highlights

  • The benefits of being featured on Apple Podcasts
  • How to format your podcast artwork to appeal to the Apple team
  • What kind of shows Apple Podcasts recommend
  • How to structure your pitch
  • Whether having a trailer will help your chances of being selected for promotion
  • Why it’s essential to tag Apple Podcasts
  • How to access personalized advice from Eric and Podcast Haven

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