The Future of Podcasting ft. Craig Hewitt CEO of Castos – EP 53

The Future of Podcasting

In this episode, I had the pleasure of hosting Craig Hewitt, the CEO, and founder of Castos. Craig is not just an entrepreneur but a third or fourth-generation business owner. His journey has taken him from Orlando to Nashville, San Diego, New Orleans, and even France. Now based in Providence, Rhode Island, Craig’s story is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and the importance of carving your own path.

Throughout our conversation, we delve into Craig’s background and the creation of Castos. We also explore his entrepreneurial roots, dating back to his great-grandfather, and how this lineage has influenced his career path.

In addition, we talk about how podcasters are using Castos to seamlessly create content, the future of podcasting, Original Content, the monetization of their blog, the company culture, and a new Castos feature called “Castos Commerce,” which helps indie podcasters get paid.

Episode Highlights:

  • Craig Hewitt shares his experiences growing up in Orlando and living in various cities worldwide. His travels have significantly influenced his identity and core values.

  • Craig comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. This family history has influenced not only his career path but also his perspective on work-life balance and the importance of making your own way.

  • The inception of Castos, a podcast hosting and analytics platform. He shares how he identified a gap in the market and used his entrepreneurial spirit to fill it.

  • We dive into the unique content produced by Castos Originals, the company’s podcasting arm. Craig shares the vision behind this initiative and how it’s creating unique, engaging content for listeners.

  • Together, we highlight the value of the Castos Blog, a resource hub for podcasters of all levels. He discusses how the blog is used to share industry insights, tips, and best practices. As well as how the money it makes pays for the company’s annual retreat!

  • The launch of Castos Commerce, a new feature that allows podcasters to monetize their content directly through the platform. This feature empowers podcasters to generate revenue from their passion.

  • We talk about the the future of podcasting, from the importance of high-quality audio to the potential of AI in content creation.

  • Video first podcasts, and the necessity of being the face of your company and brand.

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