Video Podcast Pros and Cons – EP 49

In this episode, I dive into the pros and cons of starting a video podcast. I explore the benefits, drawbacks, and key considerations to help you decide if video podcasting aligns with your goals and resources. Remember, it’s not about jumping on a trend. It’s about making strategic decisions based on your unique circumstances.

Pros of Video Podcasting

  1. Enhanced Visibility on YouTube: YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine, provides an opportunity to reach a new audience. It allows you to cater to video lovers who might not have discovered your podcast otherwise.
  2. Content Repurposing: Video podcasts are great for repurposing into shorter clips for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube shorts. This strategy extends the lifespan of your content and engages new audiences.
  3. Brand Awareness: Sharing clips on social media platforms increases brand visibility and recognition. This applies even if those consuming clips are not regular podcast listeners.
  4. Live Streaming Opportunities: Live streaming can create community and foster real-time conversations. Recorded live streams can also be repurposed as podcast episodes.
  5. Stronger Audience Connection: Seeing the host’s face, studio, and overall vibe creates a stronger connection with the audience. It reinforces your brand with visual elements.

Cons of Video Podcasting

  1. Increased Time and Expense: Video podcasting involves more moving parts like lighting, backgrounds, and camera costs. This makes it more time-consuming and expensive than audio podcasting. Video is a a pain in the beginning, but worth it in the long run,
  2. Potential Deterrent for Guests: Some guests may not be comfortable appearing on camera, which could limit your pool of interviewees.
  3. On-Camera Comfort Level: Hosting a video podcast requires a certain level of comfort in front of the camera, which can take time to develop. It involves managing your notes, maintaining eye contact with the camera, and being aware of your body language.
  4. Video Might Not Always Add Value: Depending on your audience, a video version of your podcast might drive less engagement or views than expected.


  • Enhanced visibility on YouTube
  • Opportunities for content repurposing
  • Increased brand awareness through social media clips
  • Live streaming opportunities
  • Stronger connection with the audience


  • Increased time and expense for production
  • Potential deterrent for guests
  • Comfort level on camera
  • Video might not always add value

Despite the challenges, video podcasting can be a valuable addition to your content strategy. Consider trying it and evaluate its impact on your brand and engagement. But for real, give it the good ol’ college try. Shoot for at least six months.

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