Strategies To Grow and Monetize Your Podcast ft. Kevin Chemidlin of “Grow The Show”- EP 48

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In this episode of Clipped, I’m speaking with Kevin Chemidlin of Grow The Show. Grow The Show is Kevin’s podcast and podcast consulting agency that helps podcasters grow and monetize their shows. Kevin’s podcast journey began in 2018 when he envisioned a podcast that would tell the stories of successful Philadelphians.

He was inspired by the success of Warby Parker, founded at the University of Penn, and wanted to create a more cinematic and emotional podcast than a typical interview show. A short time later, he launched “Philly Who?”. “Philly Who?” was a podcast that told the stories of Philadelphia’s doers, thinkers, and performers. 

Philly Who? Became a big success that Kevin was “accidentally” able to monetize. He eventually built it up to over 100k in revenue. Unfortunately, Covid hit in 2020, and Kevin was forced to shut down the show. 

After some time passed, Kevin realized that he could use his skills, knowledge, and experience and teach other people how to start, grow and monetize podcasts. So, he developed a new podcast idea called Grow The Show, which he eventually built a consulting and coaching agency around.

Kevin is a wealth of info. Throughout this episode, you’ll learn more about Kevin’s experience with Philly Who? and what it was like to pivot and create Grow The Show. Can’t wait for your to hear Kevin’s story and the actionable tips that he provides in this episode. These are growth strategies that ACTUALLY work for growing a podcast. Give it listen!

How To Grow Your Show:

  • When creating podcast intros, focus on what the listener will get out of the episode, not just what the episode is about.
  • Pose a specific question for each episode and stay on topic to provide clear and valuable insights to your listeners.
  • Every one of three episodes should be hyper-relevant to the listener, and the other two should still provide value to keep them interested and engaged.
  • When seeking growth strategies for podcasts, prioritize retention over merely increasing listenership.
  • The ideal episode length is around 25-30 minutes. Still, longer episodes can work if they’re engaging and provide value to the listener.
  • Focus on having a unique premise that combines who the show is for, what it does for those people specifically, and how it does it for those people specifically to create great content that keeps listeners coming back.

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