In addition to editing, we offers custom podcast producer packages and services for our enterprise level clients, media companies, film studios and corporate partners. At this level of service, our team is working side-by-side with you to develop and fine-tune your project from pre-production through launch. This helps to ensure that your mission and message hits the right, optimal trajectory from day one.

The Podcast Haven has experience serving enterprise clients of virtually any size, structure, or industry. This includes other media companies, film studios, corporate partners, and large-scale local businesses, too. This premium package is specially designed to meet the needs of businesses who must see rapid results. Trust our podcast producer gurus to help navigate your enterprise project all the way from idea to incredible returns – with The Podcast Haven's expert support and guidance in every step of the way.


The Podcast Haven works closely with you to identify opportunities and creative ideas for episodes. This includes both the content of your message (what you have to say) and the episode layout itself. We can also help with script writing, episode outlining, budget creation, recording, and scheduling time in the studio.


Whether you have your eye on a specific guest, or you just want to bring in an expert to help solidify your message, our podcast producer gurus can help. The Podcast Haven will identify and reach out to guests on your behalf. We can also help you identify influencers and other individuals who may help boost your authority and reach.


Our podcast producer gurus help you create and/or adjust social media assets for the best chance of “going viral” and developing your reach. This includes basic marketing essentials and materials, such as Audiograms, profile pictures, cover pictures, and overall branding. Our writers also draw up SEO-friendly Show Notes to help boost search engine rankings and brand reputation.


A successful podcast launch strategy can be the difference between long-term audience sustainability and struggling to even attract attention in the first place. Our experts walk with you from initial planning to publishing episodes across all major and relevant Podcast Directories. The goal is ALWAYS to help you get noticed.


Our sound technicians adeptly handle all aspects of sound quality during either remote or on-site recording sessions. This includes assessing audio for problems, editing and mixing episodes, improving quality in post-production, sound design, file transfer, and file management. This frees you up to focus on creativity and results.

“I highly recommend Eric for any audio based project! He’s been working on our top rated podcast on iTunes since 2015! He is hard working, reliable and great at what he does. I can’t say enough positive things about him. A+! You won’t find better!”

- Katelyn Rush, Co-host of “The Feel Good” Podcast

“Thank you again for everything. You've been amazing and I recommend you to anyone needing a good editor”

- Shannah Compton Game, host of “Millennial Money