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The Advantages Of Creating Content As An Elder Millennial

Are you nervous about creating content as an elder millennial or as someone over 40?

Don’t be.

While Gen Z might be stealing the spotlight, your age is actually your secret weapon. There’s actually tons of perks that come with creating content as an elder millennial.

Think about it…

With a lifetime of experience under your belt, your authentic advice and practical knowledge are exactly what the content world craves

So, in this post we’re diving into the unique advantages of being an elder millennial or someone over 40 in the content creation world.

With the rise of those goddamn Gen Z creators, it’s easy to feel overshadowed, but don’t fret. 

We’re going to teach you why being a bit older can actually work in your favor.


1. Depth of Life Experience

More Wisdom and Relatability

As a content creating elder millennial, you bring a wealth of life experiences that younger creators simply haven’t had time to accumulate.

This allows you to offer more wisdom in your content. Whether you’re sharing stories of triumph or lessons learned from past failures, your audience can sense the reality behind your words.

Practical Knowledge vs Theoretical Knowledge

Many young creators often share theoretical knowledge, such as “how to master crypto trades” or “how to grow from zero to a million followers,” without having actually achieved these milestones themselves. They use these hooks as marketing ploys. 

In contrast, as an elder millennial creating content, you’ve got the chips to back up your experience.

Your advice is grounded in practical, real-life experiences. You’ve faced genuine challenges and overcome obstacles, you’re trustworthy.


Be you baby and convey that in your stories. Chances are if you’re close to 40 or older, you’ve seen some shit.

2. A Healthier View on Metrics

Shifting Focus

With age often comes a shift in priorities. You might be less focused on vanity metrics like views and more interested in creating content that genuinely fulfills you.

This shift can be incredibly freeing, allowing you to enjoy the process of content creation without the pressure to constantly chase numbers.

Relaxation and Authenticity

When you’re not obsessed with becoming an influencer overnight, a sense of calm and authenticity naturally flows into your content. Your audience can see that you’re in it for the long haul and that you’re truly passionate about what you’re sharing.

3. Financial and Personal Stability

Stress-Free Creation

Having an established career and financial stability means you can create content without the constant worry of making ends meet. This stress-free environment fosters creativity and allows you to produce content that is true to your values and interests.

Family Focus

If you have a family, your priorities shift towards what’s truly important. This new perspective can infuse your content with a sense of responsibility and maturity, making it more appealing to an audience at a similar life stage.

4. Creating for Fulfillment

Personal Satisfaction Over Financial Gain

When you create content for personal satisfaction, it shows.

There’s an aura of fulfillment and authenticity in your work that can be incredibly attractive to your audience.

This is especially true for older viewers who are looking for content that aligns with their own values and experiences.

Viewers can tell when you’re being real, and that shit is contagious.

Resonating with Audiences of The Same Era

Your content is more likely to resonate with people at a similar life stage. They appreciate the maturity and depth you bring, and they’re more likely to engage with and support your work.

5. Changing Demographics

Growing Online Presence

Older millennials, Gen Xers, and even Boomers are increasingly active online. This demographic shift means there’s a growing audience looking for content that speaks to their experiences and interests.

Opportunities for Monetization

Older audiences are often more financially stable and willing to invest in products or services that add value to their lives.

By targeting this demographic, you have a greater opportunity to monetize your content effectively.

Creating Content As An Elder Millennial Rocks

Being an older content creator offers numerous advantages that younger creators might not have.

Your depth of experience, perspective on metrics, financial stability, focus on fulfillment, and the changing demographics all contribute to a unique and valuable presence in the content creation world.

So, how old are you and where are you at in your content creation journey?

Have you started?

Are you thinking about starting?

Do you feel like you’re too old? Leave a comment on this blog and let’s connect!

I’m happy to chat and answer any questions you have about podcasting. I’d love to see what you’re putting out into the world.

Until next time, keep listening, keep engaging, and keep creating.

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