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Castmagic: An AI Tool Repurposes Podcast Content

Imagine if you could automate the most repetitive tasks involved in podcast production, like writing descriptions and listing keywords.

Well, with Castmagic, you can.

The tool’s AI does the legwork for you, so you can spend more time recording and interviewing guests, and less time doing donkey work. 

This post looks in detail at what is, how it works, and how to use it.

We run through various benefits and the types of podcasters who could benefit from the tool the most. 

What is Castmagic? is a world-class content creation tool for podcasters, and digital content creators. The app offers various features to make life easier, with AI powering many of them.

It’s particularly suited for individuals working with long-form audio – one of the most challenging content formats to automate and streamline. 

Castmagic’s core feature is transcription. The software can listen to podcasts, interviews, and meeting audio files and write down everything said by the participants, creating an editable digital document.

This text becomes a resource you can use to create additional content across social media channels, blog posts, email newsletters, and more.

The app offers helpful options to decide what material you want the AI to consider.

Buttons let you redact sections if you don’t want to include them in content-generation instructions. 

Normally, you don’t have to identify speakers on the audio manually. Castmagic’s onboard AI system can do this work for you, making attribution more straightforward. (You don’t wind up with a wall of unedited text like you do on many auto-transcribers). 

When you have the text, you can use it to create: 

  • Lists of keywords
  • Blog posts
  • Social media snippets
  • Video scripts
  • Show notes

This capability at your fingertips saves you countless hours of writing and editing, allowing you to focus more on the creative side of your media outreach.

It also lets you repurpose your content for different platforms without starting from scratch.

You can upload audio and video files, sync with your RSS feed, and import from YouTube and Vimeo to begin editing.

Audio enhancements are available with the click of a button, removing background noise and sharpening speech to generate professional results. 

The things you can do with Castmagic's AI

How Does Castmagic Work?

This section provides some instructions on some common actions. 

Uploading Audio Files

To upload files to Castmagic, click the “Upload” button in the Recordings Tab. 

Afterward, it will open your operating system’s file explorer. Simply select a compatible file and click “Open.”

You can also drag and drop files into the Recordings list from the File Explorer window. Dragging the files across will prompt an uploading bar to appear followed by the entry of the new file into the archive. 

If the file already has a name, Castmagic will keep it.

However, you can also rename files to make finding them more straightforward. 

Automated Transcription and Editing

Castmagic transcribes your recordings automatically, so you don’t need to prompt it.

Simply click the audio file in the Recordings list to go to its dedicated page (containing the transcript). 

At the top of the transcript, you will see placeholders for “Speaker A”, “Speaker B” and so on. doesn’t know the names of speakers automatically, so you will need to enter them. When you do, the software will update the transcript to reflect this new information. 

If you aren’t happy with the transcript, you can edit it directly in the transcript window by clicking the “Edit” button at the top. The “find and replace” feature lets you find and fix errors rapidly, without going through the document by hand.

Integration with Other Platforms

Castmagic also makes it straightforward to leverage files regardless of format or location.

The tool lets you: 

  • Upload files from your computer
  • Import shorts and videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • Import from Zapier
  • Import from Instagram Reels
  • Sync audio or videos from your RSS feed

The “Magic Chat” feature uses ChatGPT which allows you to leverage AI tools for any asset. 

Distribution and Publication Features

Once you are happy with your files, you can distribute and publish them on a platform of your choice. Create social media carousels, lead magnets, client follow-up emails, email templates, video scripts, Tweets and threads, and LinkedIn posts – it’s up to you. 

If you like a content clip, export it as an audio or video file.

These highlights show your audience your best moments and provide them with digestible content they can “snack” on more conveniently.

You can also click “Copy shareable link.”

Clicking on this link or copying it into your browser toolbar will forward you to a new webpage with all the podcast details on it (including GPT-created content) to share with collaborators or stakeholders. 

To show the types of people that could benefit from Castmagic

Who is Castmagic For? is for podcasters of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

It doesn’t matter whether you have been in the industry for ten minutes or ten years, it offers everything you need. 

For beginners, the main feature is the AI-powered transcription and content generation. These tools reduce time spent working behind the scenes on your podcast and help you develop new ideas. 

For professional-level podcasters, Castmagic helps by parsing large audio files and turning them into assets for other channels and platforms.

Episodes can quickly become email newsletters, blogs, social media posts, and executive summaries. 

News outlets can leverage its built-in ChatGPT technology to transcribe shows (for disabled audiences) or create content for their digital channels. 

Content creators needing efficient audio and video tools for content production can also use

For example, educators can leverage its AI to generate articles to accompany recorded explanations of tricky academic concepts while filmmakers can use it for subtitles.

It is also helpful for YouTubers who love creating videos but hate writing the corresponding blog. takes the time and effort out of this process, doing in seconds what usually takes hours. 

Finally, marketing professionals and businesses leveraging podcasts for brand promotion can use Castmagic to help them towards their goals.

The tool helps businesses and teams use podcast content to create campaigns for other channels, such as their social media accounts or blog pages. Putting content into multiple formats increases reach and popularity. 

How Castmagic Helps Content Creators

The tool goes beyond productivity to improve output and create more memorable experiences for audiences. 

Time-saving through automation

Castmagic’s chief benefit for beginners is the time it saves them.

Its numerous automation features compress days of work into a few minutes. 

Core automation includes transcription and GPT-powered content generation. However, it can also identify speakers (using voice recognition technology) and extract the information it thinks is important.

These tools let you produce ample content from a single audio source and push it out more efficiently. 

High-Quality Audio Enhancements

Creators also get a helping hand from’s AI-driven audio enhancements.

These remove background noise and improve clarity, allowing audiences to follow the conversation more accurately. 

Given’s extensive import and export options, you can use internal or third-party audio enhancement options.

Dedicated software is sometimes helpful if you already have a team used to using it.

Easy collaboration and editing tools also gives creatives collaboration and editing tools. Once you open an account and grant access to other users, everyone can work on the same transcripts for improved productivity. 

Streamlined distribution process’s streamlined distribution options are another bonus. These let you export content to various platforms, including blog and social media posts. 

Enhanced audience engagement through better content quality

Lastly, Castmagic’s AI-powered features help you improve content quality.

The ChatGPT-driven output enables you to engage your audience without having to hire writers or develop advanced writing skills personally.

All content (including descriptions) is accurate and reflects the reality of your podcasts. 

Castmagic Final Thoughts

The benefits of using are significant. The tool lets you work more efficiently while repurposing long-form podcast and audio content into new formats, including blog posts, show notes, and social media snippets.

Beginners can access the productivity suite they need to get everything done quickly, while professionals can benefit from advanced AI features to appeal to broader audiences. 

One of the most impressive benefits of the app is the automatic speaker recognition. can discern between voices and record speaker names in the transcript for easy editing. 

So, why should content creators should consider using

For us, it comes down to its AI-powered features.

These let you create more accurate and engaging content from raw audio without investing all your spare time in writing. 

 Alternatively, book a demo to learn more. 

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