10 Power Steps to Grow Your Podcast Audience – EP 31

10 Power Steps to Grow Your Podcast Audience

Are you looking to start or grow your podcast audience but don’t know where to begin? Marc Ronick has the answer! With 16 years of experience in the podcasting world, Marc has seen it all. From winning awards and being on the forefront of the industry to creating groundbreaking live-streaming channels, Marc has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to podcasting. Currently, he runs a podcast production agency called iRonick Media, and is co-host of a brand new podcast called Podcast Phd. In addition, Marc is also a podcast consultant and helps people start and grow podcasts.

We’re discussing how to come up with a clear concept for your podcast, how to hone in on your ‘why’, staying consistent, solo episodes vs. interview episodes, repurposing old content, how to grow your podcast audience, and much more.

In this episode you will learn:

1. How to understand and define your intentions and why you want to start a podcast
2. The importance of setting goals for your podcast
3. The amount of work it takes to produce a regular show
4. How to Identify your niche and target audience
5. Why brainstorming is necessary for coming up with new ideas
6. The importance of a consistent production schedule
7. That it’s ok to repurpose old content
8. How to use Clubhouse to connect with people
9. Why you have to engage with your listeners to grow your podcast audience and build community
10. That adjusting your podcasting approach during your journey is a normal part of the process

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