Comparing Four Popular Podcast Microphones

In today’s episode, we dive into a comparison of four popular podcast microphones. This comparison is designed to help podcasters understand the unique tonal qualities of each mic and aid in making an informed decision about which one to purchase.

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Featured Microphones

Microphone Reviews

Shure MV7

  • Purpose and Design: Targeted towards podcasters, gamers, streamers, and YouTubers.
  • Connection Options: Offers both XLR and USB connectivity, facilitating on-the-go usage without an audio interface.
  • Key Features: Touch panel controls, access to the ShurePLUS MOTIV app with customizable settings like EQ and compression.
  • Performance: Dynamic mic with a focus on isolating sound and reducing background noise. Ideal for less-than-ideal recording environments.
  • Price Point: A bit higher than entry-level mics but justifies with quality and modern features.

Samson Q2U

  • Dual Connectivity: Offers both USB and XLR connections for versatile recording options.
  • Dynamic Design: Excellent at noise rejection, ideal for untreated recording environments.
  • Headphone Jack: Built-in for zero-latency, real-time audio monitoring.
  • Onboard Controls: Includes volume control for headphone output for easier audio management.
  • Ready-to-Use Accessories: Comes with a tripod stand, windscreen, and necessary cables.

Audio Technica ATR2100X USB

  • Flexibility: USB and XLR connectivity, a recommended addition to any podcasting kit.
  • Sound and Features: Zero-latency headphone jack, extended frequency response ideal for voice.
  • Affordability: Priced under $80, offering great value.
  • Suitability: Excellent for home studios and effective in reducing unwanted ambient noise.
  • Audience: Suitable for both beginners and intermediate podcasters.

Maono PD200X

  • First Impressions: Sent by Maono for testing, providing a fresh experience.
  • Ease of Use: Simple setup with effective shock mount.
  • Unique Aspects: Includes a mute button and USB connectivity, with an appealing design for gamers.
  • Sound Quality: Offers good sound with a potential hollow quality when too close.
  • Target Audience: Budget-friendly, appealing to podcasters, gamers, and streamers.

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Episode Highlights

  • Real-Time Demonstrations: Each microphone is tested live, focusing on nuances like plosive sounds.
  • Practical Insights: Emphasis on the importance of dynamic microphones for podcasting, especially in non-acoustic environments.
  • Personal Opinions: Host’s thoughts and preferences on each mic, inviting listeners to share their opinions.

The Wrap Up

This episode offers an invaluable resource for podcasters looking to choose the right microphone. These popular podcast microphones have strengths, that cater to different needs and budgets. 

Whether you’re starting a podcast or looking to upgrade your equipment, these insights will guide you in making a choice that suits your specific requirements.

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