The Pros and Cons of AI Speech Enhancement

In episode 75, we’re diving deep into the transformative world of AI in podcasting. Specifically, we’re tackling speech enhancement technology—those amazing tools that can take your audio from lackluster to professional studio quality. 

Join us as we explore the ins and outs of AI-driven audio improvement, weigh its benefits against its pitfalls, and share invaluable tips for both AI audio novices and veterans.

A Tool For Your Podcast Toolkit

AI is changing the game for podcasters, offering a suite of tools to elevate audio quality and enhance speech. With options like Descript Studio Sound and Adobe Speech Enhancement at our fingertips, podcasters can now ensure their sound is crisp, clear, and consistent—no matter their level of expertise. 

But as we integrate these tools into our workflows, we also encounter the risk of over-processing and a potential dependency that could stifle skill development. In this episode, we scrutinize these technologies through a critical lens, providing a balanced view and actionable advice to harness AI wisely.

AI Speech Enhancement Key Moments:

  • AI’s Role in Audio Production: How AI is revolutionizing podcast audio by transforming mediocre recordings into studio-quality sound.
  • Descript Studio Sound: How its nuanced controls can enhance podcast audio.
  • The Pros and Cons: Emphasizing the advantages of AI in lowering barriers for newcomers, while cautioning against over-reliance and over-processing.
  • The Over-Processing Trap: How to avoid common audio glitches.
  • Dependency Dilemma: A critical look at the growing trend of over-dependence on AI tools among podcast professionals.
  • The Balance Between AI and Skill: Tips for achieving a balanced approach that leverages AI without undermining the craft of audio production.
  • A Live Test: Demonstrating AI’s impact with a real-life audio sample enhanced through Descript Studio Sound.


  • For a deep dive into AI speech enhancement and to try it for yourself, check out Descript Studio Sound at Descript.
  • To discover another powerful tool for audio quality improvement, visit Adobe Speech Enhance at Adobe.

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