Navigating The AI Podcast Landscape ft. Zack The Podcast Man

In this episode we’re sitting down IN PERSON with Zack, The Podcast Man to talk about the AI podcast landscape, the importance of video in your podcast strategy, the art of connecting with listeners, podcast marketing and more.

In addition, Zack takes us on a captivating ride from his humble beginnings in a quaint Minnesota town all the way to living the entrepreneurial dream in sun-soaked Encinitas, California Zack’s company specializes in podcast production, and podcast growth strategy.

Episode Highlights:

  • Zack’s Origin Story: From Pine City, Minnesota to the podcasting world.

  • The Role of Music: How Zack’s background in music shaped his career in audio.

  • Uncovering The AI Podcast Terrain: Is it a game-changer or just another tool in the toolbox?

  • Video in Podcasting: Why it’s more important than you think.

  • Editing Philosophy: The art of making podcasts sound natural yet polished.

  • The Importance of Show Notes: How AI is changing the game.

  • The Human Element: Why the best podcasts still need a personal touch.

  • Short Form Content: It can be a double-edged sword: good for brand building but not necessarily for podcast growth.

  • Podcasting For Lead Generation: Who to view your show as a larger business strategy, not just a standalone entity.

AI Podcast Questions For The Audience

  • What are your favorite AI tools for your podcast?

  • How will AI affect the authenticity of podcasting?

  • Will AI ever replace podcast hosts?

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