EP 20 – How To License Podcast Music ft. Jon Lane

Ever wonder about the legalities of using music in your podcast? If you’ve got music questions floating around in your head, buckle up because in this episode I speak with music executive Jonathan Lane. He’s going to teach all of us how to license podcast music.

Jonathan Lane is a music supervisor and the founder of Clearly Music. In this role, he licenses music for Podcasts, TV, and Film. Some of his recent highlights include working on MGM’s Respect and House of Gucci, as well as Dear Media’s Back To The Beach, and Bone Mary Bury. In addition, he’s also Pod People’s “go-to” music guy. If you’ve got music questions in your head, buckle up, because Jon is a wealth of information when it comes to licensing podcast music.

In this interview, he discusses the role of music in podcasts and how the use of podcast music has evolved over time. We uncover what a music library is. He describes the difference between royalty-free music and music that is “free to use”. Jon explains how different music licenses for podcasts work, as well as the importance of budgeting for music when creating a podcast. 

Need help getting the rights to use a song in your podcast, or want some help finding the perfect tunes? Hit up Jon at Clearly Music.

Episode Highlights

  • Royalty-Free vs music that’s actually free
  • What is a music library?
  • How to obtain a music license for podcast music
  • The role of a music supervisor in a podcast production
  • Creating a music budget for a podcast
  • Hiring a composer to create original music for a podcast
  • The lack of education about the legalities of music in podcasts 

Three Key Takeaways

1. In order to license music for your podcast, you will need to obtain a synchronization license.

2. Music libraries are a great resource for finding music for your podcast.

3. Music supervisors can help negotiate licenses for songs and get approval from rights holders.

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