Episode 14 – 7 Online Tools Every Podcaster Needs For A More Efficient Workflow

In this week’s episode, I’m giving you 7 online tools that will make it easier for you to produce and market a weekly podcast. The idea is that you systematically incorporate these tools into your weekly production to get more out of each episode. Take a little time on the front end to customize and build out templates with these tools, and then you’ll have yourself a well-oiled automated podcast machine.

Tools Mentioned In The Episode

Episode Highlights:

  • Acuity’s billing and appointment reminders
  • Using Canva templates to streamline branding and save time
  • How to use Headliner to promote your podcast on social media
  • The importance of batch scheduling social media posts
  • How to use ratethispodcast.com to easily get more reviews
  • Why using a universal listening link for your podcast will save your listeners a headache

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