Episode 13 – How To Hook New Listeners and Create Better Podcast Intro’s and Outro’s

Clipped is all about helping you launch, grow and monetize your podcast. So, on the show this week, I’m talking about how to use podcast intros and outros to hook in your listeners and build more engagement. I give you my game plan for creating great intros and outros, what kind of information they should contain, and why they’re so important. I also cover why keeping your intro’s and outros on the shorter side creates a better listening environment.


“If you can’t get your intro across in 30 seconds, you need to rethink the way that you’re opening the show and greeting people.” – Eric Montgomery


“Your podcast is a way to get listeners bought into your ecosystem where they’re going to fall in love with you as a creator.” – Eric Montgomery


“Every show needs some kind of music.” – Eric Montgomery


Episode Highlights:

  • Techniques to use to grab listeners’ attention at the top of your show
  • How to use FOMO to keep your audience engaged
  • How your music choices are detrimental to your brand’s identity
  • The importance of Calls to Action and Offers in your intro/outro
  • How to use a cold open to wet your listener’s appetite
  • Ways an outro can round off your show and help people find you/your guests online

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