Episode 16 – Dylan Schmidt: Founder of Content Clips | How To Repurpose A Podcast For Social Media

In this episode, I’m chatting with Dylan Schmidt, founder of Digital Podcaster and Content Clips. We’re going to be discussing how to repurpose a podcast for social media. When Dylan is not coaching clients on how to harness the power of podcasting to grow and sustain an audience, he’s helping clients dominate their social media game, with Content Clips.

Content Clips is a digital agency for busy entrepreneurs who want to multiply their message by repurposing their content for social media. They will take your existing video content and create engaging clips that attract and engage your audience. This is perfect for podcasters. Did you know that you can get 7 short form pieces of social media content from an hour long podcast? If you’re a podcaster and you’re not currently repurposing your podcast, you’re missing out on connecting with potential customers across all your social channels. Repurposing content creates massive visibility opportunities for your brand.

Dylans Podcast

In addition to Dylans companies, he also hosts a podcast called Digital Podcaster. If you’re looking to start a podcast, or grow an existing podcast, this show will teach you a ton. It consists of short, educational episodes, and guess what? It’s completely repurposed. Also, give Dylan a follow on instagram, @digitalpodcaster, he’s doing some great things on social media.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Dylan uses his marketing experience to help podcasters build an audience
  • Expectations vs. Reality for new podcasters
  • When to start trying to monetize your podcast
  • Repackaging your podcast into other types of content 
  • The importance of context when selecting what to repurpose
  • Why the first couple seconds of a video clip are the most important 
  • Using Descript to transcribe podcasts
  • How each social media platform has its own style of content
  • An hour podcast content can produce 7 clips to repurpose
  • Social media newbies overproducing videos

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