Episode 17 – 7 Ways To Monetize a Podcast Without Selling Ads

Get That $$$

In this episode, I’m dropping some information on podcast monetization, and how to make money from your podcast without selling ads. Here’s the thing with ads – you need a tremendous amount of downloads to get advertisers interested in pouring money into your podcast. The rule of thumb in the industry is that your podcast needs to be getting 20k downloads per episode, in a 30 day period, for advertisers to see your podcast as a worthwhile investment. That’s PER episode, not total combined downloads over time.

Ok, There Are SOME Options

Advertisecast, and Gumball, are advertising marketplaces that connect smaller podcasts with interested advertisers. So, it is possible to to monetize through selling ads if you’re receiving less than 20k downloads per episode. However, you’ve got to make sure it’s worth your time and effort. If you’re only going to net a few extra bucks a month, and possibly annoy your listeners, is it worth it to you? Luckily, there are other ways to monetize a podcast. In any case, give this episode a listen because I’m hitting you with 7 ways to monetize your podcast without selling ads.

7 Ways To Monetize a Podcast Without Selling Ads

  1. Premium Content/Subscriptions – Try Patreon or Supercast
  2. Affiliate Marketing – Sign up with Amazon to get started today
  3. Consulting or Coaching – 
  4. Online Courses – Teachable is a great place to host your online course
  5. Selling Digital Products
  6. Merchandise – Check out Printify or SPOD
  7. Public Speaking

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