Episode 18 – Why The Blue Yeti Microphone Sucks For Podcasting


If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, you’ve probably seen the Blue Yeti microphone recommended by a lot of Podcasters, YouTubers, and Influencers. But before you buy it, you should know that it’s not really designed for podcasting, and honestly, it sounds like sh*t. There are much better options out there. In this episode, I’ll tell you why the Blue Yeti sucks for podcasting.

Why I Care About The Mic You Use

Podcasting is a great way to reach potential listeners and grow a following. But, in order to sound great you need the right equipment. In fact, that’s one of the big reasons I started my podcast. I want to help you produce great-sounding podcasts. In order to do that you need the RIGHT advice, and using the Blue Yeti for your podcast, is straight-up bad advice. It blows my mind just how many people recommend this microphone, so I decided to record this episode to take a stand!

Recommended Podcast Microphones

For a list of great-sounding podcast microphones, check out my articles on my Top Ten Podcast Microphones For Every Budget. The mics on this list blow the Blue Yeti out of the water. Plus, several of these are at the same price point, OR cheaper than the Blue Yeti.

Why The Blue Yeti Sucks For Podcasting

1. It’s a condenser microphone

Condenser microphones aren’t ideal for podcasting, because they pick up a lot of room tone. If you’re in a less than ideal environment when recording a podcast, more than likely you’re going to get a lot of ambient noise, and slapback in your recording. For podcasting, I recommend using dynamic microphones.

2. The Blue Yeti has too many knobs

The most confusing part about the Blue Yeti for podcasters is the polar pattern knob. A microphone’s polar pattern is how it picks up sound. If you didn’t know, some microphones can pick up sound equally in every direction. Other microphones can pick up sound from the front and back, or only the sides. The Blue Yeti has a knob that switches the way the mic picks up sound. I find that a lot of podcasters don’t take the time to make sure the Yeti is on the right polar setting, which causes horrendous sound issues. If for some god forsaken reason you decide to use the Blue Yeti, make sure  you turn the knob to the “cardioid” polar pattern. The cardioid emblem on the knob looks like an upside down heart. This way, the mic will be picking up the sound coming from directly in front of it, with just a little bit of pickup on the sides.

3. The Blue Yeti is designed as a tabletop microphone

When podcasting you want your microphone to be as close to your mouth as possible. A lot of podcasters just plop the Blue Yeti down on their desk and speak into it from several feet away. Then they wonder why their audio sucks! LOL. The Blue Yeti is a pain in the ass to mount onto a mic stand, it requires extra work, thus most people don’t do it, thus they get shitty audio.

Try These Microphones Instead of The Blue Yeti

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