Five Reasons Not to Start a Podcast in 2024

Want to start a podcast in 2024? Don’t.

We’re diving into five compelling reasons why you should think twice before you starting a podcast these days. The podcasting landscape has evolved dramatically, and it’s no longer as simple as hitting record and waiting for the audience to roll in.

For the average person, the journey can be fraught with challenges, and if you don’t start a podcast without fully understanding the commitment, you might find it overwhelming.

But if you can navigate these reasons with integrity, then podcasting might just be for you.

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1. Lack of Integrated Business Model

To truly grow and succeed, your podcast needs to be a piece of a larger business ecosystem. Don’t start a podcast if you don’t have this.

Whether you offer a service like video editing or own a production agency, your podcast should seamlessly integrate with and promote your business. Without a solid business foundation, it’s going to be much harder to see significant returns from your podcasting efforts.

2. Insufficient SEO Knowledge

Ranking on Google has become increasingly challenging due to AI advancements and frequent algorithm updates. Google’s helpful content update emphasizes the need for relevant, useful information.

If your podcast and its accompanying website don’t meet these criteria, your chances of ranking well are slim. Furthermore, the EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) requirements are crucial.

Without demonstrating these qualities, your podcast won’t gain the visibility it needs to grow.

3. Difficulty in Building an Entertainment Podcast

Entertainment podcasts are notoriously hard to grow unless you already have a substantial following or a track record in the industry. Competing with established talents in the entertainment field is tough.

If your podcast doesn’t offer educational or informative content, it will be challenging to build a loyal audience.

The market is saturated with high-quality entertainment options, making it difficult for newcomers to stand out.

4. Necessity of Solo Episodes

To build influence and establish yourself as an authority in your niche, solo episodes are essential. They allow you to showcase your expertise and directly address your audience’s questions and concerns. Solely relying on interviews can dilute your brand authority.

If you’re not comfortable creating solo content, don’t start a podcast. It’s a vital component of establishing your voice and growing your influence.

5. Reliance on Ad Revenue

Monetizing through ads alone requires a massive amount of downloads, typically placing you in the top 10% of all podcasts. This is a challenging feat, especially for new podcasters.

Without a significant following, generating substantial ad revenue is unlikely. It’s crucial to have additional revenue streams, such as products or services tied to your podcast, to create a sustainable business model.

Don’t Start a Podcast In 2024

These are the five key reasons why you might want to reconsider launching a podcast in 2024. However, if you can address these challenges with a solid strategy and integrity, podcasting can still be a rewarding venture.

Keep listening, keep engaging, and keep creating.

Until next time, I’m out.

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