Episode 9 – Founder Of Pod Peak Studios | From Mountain Climber to Podcast Producer

This week on CLIPPED, I welcome Evan Phillips to share his journey from mountain climber and guide on Denali, Alaska, to gigging musician, then to podcast host and producer. Evan describes his podcast production setup and his personal philosophy behind the craft of editing and mixing audio. We finish off by discussing where Evan thinks the podcasting industry is headed, some of the podcasts Evan listens to and loves, and Evan’s exciting new project with the Anchorage Daily News.

Evan Phillips is an award-winning songwriter, composer, and podcast producer living in Anchorage, Alaska. During an audio career spanning 20 years, Evan has recorded and produced over 50 albums. Since 2016, he has immersed himself in the craft of podcasting, delving deeper into the sonic landscapes of storytelling, atmospheric music, and powerful sound design.


“My philosophy about recording and DAWs is that you should use whatever you’re comfortable with.” – Evan Phillips


“We live in an era where because of technology if you’ve got some chops, some natural abilities as a creator, there’s so much you can do now from a home studio.” – Evan Phillips


“I think the podcast industry is growing, I think it’s going to continue to grow — it’s a way to share information and share storytelling..” – Evan Phillips


Episode Highlights

  • What it was like to work on Climbing Gold with Alex Honnold
  • Why Reaper is Evan’s first choice of digital audio production tool
  • What motivated Evan to learn to audio edit and produce his own music
  • The learning curve involved with audio editing tools like Reaper
  • The pros and cons of automated systems
  • How technology has changed since Evan started recording 15 yrs ago
  • How Evan got into podcasting via being the host of The Firm Line and why he took that passion project one step further and founded Pod Peak
  • Evan’s advice for aspiring podcasters and some of the lessons he has learned during his journey
  • Why you need to take time on the front end when you’re starting out as a podcaster

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