Episode 8 – Riverside.fm: How To Record Studio Quality Podcasts Remotely

Getting studio-quality audio and video remotely used to require expensive equipment and a lot of technical knowledge. Today, it’s easier than ever with Riverside.fm.

Gone are the days of the grainy videos and garbled audio files that Zoom produces.

It’s time to ditch Zoom and harness the power of a professional online recording studio, one that was built specifically for podcasters. Riverside.fm is accessed through Google Chrome.

It’s super easy to use and records HD video (up to 4K) and uncompressed audio files, remotely. The video looks great and the audio is crystal clear. Separate audio and video tracks are recorded for each person in the session, which is ideal for editing and mixing.

“Riverside is the easiest way to record podcasts and video and studio quality from anywhere in the world, all from your web browser.” – Eric Montgomery

“In Riverside, you can create all the social media snippets that you want, and repurpose them for all your social channels.” – Eric Montgomery

“The main reason you should be using Riverside is for the fully remote HD video and full-fidelity audio. So gone are the days of s****y zoom recordings — with this, you’re going get a professional sound.” – Eric Montgomery

Episode Highlights

  • Why Riverside is the most effective way to record remotely
  • Why Zoom is an outdated platform for podcasters
  • How to achieve great audio and video quality with Riverside with minimal effort
  • How to connect and record remotely with podcast guests via a simple link
  • Local Recording technology and how it can ensure your audio never drops out
  • How the Riverside.fm dashboard works for podcast guests, hosts, and producers
  • Why the Riverside platform is a great choice for repurposing content on social media
  • Details of Riverside’s pricing and offers

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