How I Use Instagram To Book Podcast Guests – EP 29

How I Use Instagram To Book Podcast Guests


Are you ready to take the leap and book amazing podcast guests? In this episode, I’m outlining how I use Instagram to book podcast guests.

Sliding Into DM’s To Book Podcast Guests

In my opinion, the best way to book podcast guests is through Instagram. Now, you don’t just want to slide into someone’s DM’s and cold pitch your show. That COULD work, but, for the best results, you need to put in work on the front end and be personable. This means engaging with your potential podcast guest’s content and slowly building a relationship with them.

Once you’ve established a little bit of a rapport, you can DM them and formally introduce yourself. If they’re responsive and you’re feeling like they’d be a good guest, shoot your shoot and invite them on your podcast.

The Special Sauce

Do your pitch via a voice recording. This adds your personality to the pitch and makes it feel a lot more personal. It also makes it easier for them to pick up on your vibe. Be sure to tell them about your audience and include a few talking points for what the interview would look like. This will help them decide if your audience is a good fit for their message.

Don’t make it weird, be yourself. Work on building a dialogue and reach out to people that genuinely align with your brand, audience, and message. This approach has worked great for me and I think it could work well for you. Give it a go.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How to use Instagram to book podcast guests
  2. The tips I use to build rapport with content creators
  3. The importance of making your pitch personable

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