How to Use Show Notes to Grow Your Podcast – EP 25

How to Use Show Notes to Grow Your Podcast

The truth is, many podcasters don’t take the time to craft well written Show Notes. If you’re in this camp, you’re missing out on huge opportunities for increased discoverability, and boosted SEO. In addition, you’re also missing out on building a stronger connection with your audience. Show Notes give listeners a home base to find more in-depth information about all of your episodes.

But how do you write them?

While there are various ways to physically write show notes, The Podcast Haven has developed a great template that will help get you more traffic. Download this free show notes template and use it for your podcast.

Follow these steps to write excellent Show Notes

1. Provide a brief summary of the episode and include bullet points
2. Pull memorable quotes from the episode
3. Include a call to action at the end

Provide a brief summary of the episode and include bullet points

Providing a brief summary of the episode and including bullet points is an important step in creating effective show notes for your podcast. The summary should provide a general overview of the episode and should be written in a clear and concise manner. The bullet points should provide more specific details about the episode and should be written in a way that will allow the reader to easily scan the information.

It’s all about the keywords baby

Keywords are key. When drafting the summary and bullet points, it is important to include keywords that will help with search engine optimization (SEO). This means including terms that are related to the episode topic as well as to the guest, if applicable. Doing so will help the episode rank higher in search engine results when potential listeners are searching for topics related to the episode. Also, it is important to include a call to action at the end of the show notes. This could be a request for listeners to rate and review the episode, subscribe to/follow the podcast, or join your email list. Doing so will help build a relationship with the audience and will provide the podcaster with an opportunity to share more of their content with their listeners.

Pull memorable quotes from the episode

After listening to or reading the transcript of the episode, it is time to pull quotes from the episode. This can be done by reading the transcript a few times and taking note of any memorable lines that stand out. Quotes can be used to create engaging social media posts and to provide readers with a more in-depth understanding of the topic. A good, memorable quote, should provide insight into the episode topics, allow readers to gain insight into the guests, or provide a memorable anecdote. When selecting memorable quotes, be sure to consider how they will fit with the episode’s overall narrative and message. Additionally, make sure to include the name of the guest or the podcast host in the quote, as this will help increase visibility and recognition.

Grab your free show notes template –  Podcast-Haven-Show-Note-Template

Create a call to action

Creating a call to action is a crucial element of creating successful Show Notes. A call to action is a statement that encourages the listener to take a specific action, and can be used to strengthen the relationship between the podcast host and the audience. A call to action should be included at the end of the Show Notes and should be tailored to the specific episode.

CTA Examples

A call to action might be something like “Sign up for our email list to receive weekly podcasting tips and  resources”. It is also important to link to things like websites, books, online courses, and social media accounts for you and your guest. This will give listeners more places to go to learn more about the topic, you, and/or your guest.

Another great call to action for podcasters is the trusty, “Please rate, review, and subscribe to our podcast”. Who doesn’t love to check things out with good ratings and reviews? Ratings and reviews build credibility for your podcast.

Wrapping it all up

You’ve gotta take the time to write effective Show Notes. It’ll make all the difference in reaching a larger audience and growing your podcast. So, get those Show Notes cracking so you can be well on your way to achieving your desired success with your podcast!

Oh, and hit me up, I’d love to hear how you apply this Show Notes Strategy. Leave me a comment on how it’s going for you, or drop any questions you want me to answer!

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