How To Edit a Podcast: Basic Editing vs. Advanced Editing – EP 26

How To Edit a Podcast: Basic Editing vs. Advanced Editing

The topic of editing and mixing a podcast can be a doozy. But it doesn’t have to be. In this episode, I’m teaching you how to edit a podcast by exploring two different paths: basic editing vs. advanced editing. My goal is to help you decide which path to go down when editing your show. Along the way, I’m providing you with the tools, resources, and education needed to help you make this decision.

Polished Audio Is Key

Regardless of your approach, it’s important to have a polished sound.

The good news is that with the tools I’m sharing with you, you’ll be able to achieve a polished sound, even if you prefer basic editing.

Plus, I’ll give you the lowdown on the industry-standard loudness level and how to use automated processes to achieve to get there. So if you’re ready to take your podcast to the next level, let’s dive into the world of podcast editing.

Basic Editing vs. Advanced Editing

I define basic podcast editing as simply cutting off the beginning and end of the recording to create a defined start and end point, as well as doing a basic mix to clean up the audio and enhance the dialogue.

To me, advanced podcast editing and mixing is a hands-on process that involves cleaning up mouth clicks, filler words, verbal ticks, false starts, removing background noise, adding in music, adjusting pacing, and performing content editing to shape a narrative.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn The Following:

  • The importance of defining a start and end point for your episodes
  • Basic podcast editing vs. advanced podcast editing
  • How to use Descript to perform a basic edit and mix of your podcast
  • Enhancing your audio with “Studio Sound” by Descript
  • What advanced editing is, and whether or not it is necessary for your podcasting goals


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