Nick Nalbach: How To Launch a Podcast By Building Trust and Credibility With An Audience – EP 24

How To Launch a Podcast By Building Trust and Credibility With An Audience

In episode 24 of Clipped, I’m joined by Nick Nalbach. Nick is a podcasting launch pro and the founder of Nine-Five to Freedom. He teaches us how to take control of our lives and journey to freedom by strategically crafting an effective podcast launch. If you didn’t know, it all starts by building trust and credibility with an audience. When you focus on community and have pure intentions around serving others, you’re more likely to have a successful podcast launch.

“Once you realize that you can be in control, then you can make those decisions. If you’re in a season of life where you’re hustling or if you’re in a season of life where you’re kind of kicking back because you did hustle for so long and now you’re kind of reaping the benefits of that.” – Nick Nalbach

This is Nick Nalbach’s Story

Nick Nalbach is originally from Wisconsin and has a career in Project Management. His job has taken him to many different cities, but in 2018 he settled with his wife in West Virginia. Nick had always been curious about freedom through entrepreneurship, and one day stumbled into a Barnes N Noble and randomly picked out the book, Millionaire Fastlane. It changed his life and inspired him to pursue avenues of wealth that weren’t focused on a 9-5 job. He also began listening to Smart Passive Income. The combination of the book and the podcast helped him realize that he too could start a business. So, Nick started the Nine-Five Podcast to share stories of people who went through the process of transitioning to entrepreneurship. He also began coaching aspiring podcasters on how to successfully launch a podcast.

In This Episode, You Will Learn The Following:

1. Discover how to gain control over your life and career.
2. Learn about the power of passive income opportunities, and how to make the most of them.
3. Uncover the importance of living intentionally, and how to make the most of different seasons of life.

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