Intern To A-list Podcast Producer and Audio Engineer – ft. Jay Yow – EP 69

In this episode, we’re thrilled to have Jay Yow on the podcast. Jay is an audio engineer who’s journeyed from Malaysia to the United States, chasing his dreams in the world of sound. We’re stoked to unpack Jay’s story.

From his educational start at the School of Audio Engineering in Malaysia to working with top-tier musicians and eventually producing The James Altucher Show, Jay’s career is a roadmap for anyone looking to turn their passion into a profession.

Hard Work Meets Opportunity

We delve into Jay Yow’s journey through the traditional hierarchy of New York studios, followed by his transition into voiceover work and eventually into podcasting. Additionally, we’ll discuss how he secured opportunities to work with A-list talent, including Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, Benedict Cumberbatch, James Aultcher and more!

The overarching theme? When you stick with things and work hard, opportunities will come.

Highlights From Jay Yow’s Story

  • The Malaysia Foundation: Jay’s roots in Malaysia and his early interest in audio set the stage for his journey. His proactive approach to putting in “the work”

  • Florida Man Introduction: Landing in Florida was Jay’s first taste of American culture, and it came with its own set of challenges and eye-opening experiences, including the infamous “bath salt incident.”

  • Full Sail and the Ultimatum: A relationship ultimatum led Jay Yow to Full Sail University, where he expanded his skills and network. It was a stepping stone, even if the relationship didn’t last.

  • New York Studios and the Hierarchy: Jay’s time in New York studios like Avatar taught him the hard realities of the traditional studio hierarchy. From intern to general manager, the climb is steep and often thankless.

  • Voiceover Transition: Jay found a new avenue in voiceover work, which eventually led him to work with big names like Benedict Cumberbatch and Mike Myers. It was a shift, but one that paid off.

  • The Quest for Perfect Sound: Jay’s relentless pursuit of the perfect sound led him through various equipment setups. His discovery of the SM7B and CloudLifter combo became a game-changer for him.

  • Learning from Mistakes: Jay’s early podcasting experiences were far from smooth. From microphone mishaps to learning the nuances of the medium, it was a learning curve that he navigated successfully.

  • The Power of Networking: Whether it was finding a mentor or connecting with industry professionals, Jay’s story emphasizes the importance of building a strong network in the audio world.

So sit back and tune in as we unpack Jay’s incredible journey, filled with ups, downs, and valuable lessons in the world of audio engineering and beyond.

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