The Best Podcast Recording Software

Audio tracks in a DAW

We’ve discussed handheld recording devices, we’ve discussed recording remotely via Voice over Internet Protocol, but you want to know more, you want all the options available to you. You want to leave no stone unturned. Okay, good for you for expanding your knowledge when it comes to podcasting. Your inquisitiveness has led you to the…

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Best Podcast Headphones For 2023

Headphones are a must for any type of podcast kit. As a podcaster, you’ll need headphones regardless of where you’re recording, or the environment you’re recording in. Hearing how you and everyone else on the podcast sounds is key. Do you sound faint? Turn up your level or get closer to the mic. Hearing buzz…

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How to Record a Remote Podcast Online

By now, especially with the whirlwind of 2020 and the past year, most people are familiar with what the internet offers in the way of audio-visual communication. Even grandma, grandpa, and great Aunt Mildred know how to talk with the grandchildren over applications like Zoom and Facetime. You can also use this type of technology…

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Using Handheld Recorders for Podcasting

Raise your hand if you know what the picture above is of? Do you know that these little plastic rectangles were used to record shows, in homes, and on radios, all over the world? How far we have come, my friends. Today we’re going to be covering using handheld recorders for podcasting. Today’s handheld digital…

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Podcast Recording Tips for Success

Someone being tipped with a $10 dollar bill

The last section of our second pillar, and what will be the end of our production section of podcasting, will be broken down into a few posts, so that we can concentrate on some specific recording methods, and determine which ones work best for your podcast. How you record your podcast will depend a lot…

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The Blue Yeti Microphone Sucks for Podcasting

It happens all the time. You’re new to podcasting and you saw your favorite influencer using a Blue Yeti microphone. You thought, “Wow! That microphone looks rad!” I don’t blame you. Most Blue Yeti microphones look really cool. They’ve got this vintage looking feel, wrapped with muted colors and come in cool shapes and sizes.…

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Choosing the Best Podcast Microphone

Various podcast microphones

Testing 1, 2, 3. Is this thing on? Welcome to the start of podcast production. Today, we’re discussing podcast microphone attributes. I’ll be your host for the second pillar of our podcasting journey. Can everyone hear me? For the next several weeks we will be talking about production and the equipment, software, and the how-to’s…

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Remote Podcast Recording Via Zoom

Remote podcast recording via Zoom is fairly straightforward and you can likely get up and running without any instruction. But, as a podcaster you’re going to want the best audio and video quality. You’re not going to want to use the generic settings Zoom has in place for work meetings or friendly chats. One thing…

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How Long Should My Podcast Episodes Be?

How Long Should My Podcast Episodes Be? - The Podcast Haven

I get asked all the time what the ideal length for podcast episodes are. The truth is, it really depends on your format, genre and publishing schedule. But, let’s try and keep it relatively short, ok? We don’t need another 2-hour Joe Rogan copycat. As a host, how long of a podcast do you want…

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Remote Recording

On-Site Mobile Recording Services

Recording Remote Interviews One of the keys to great podcasts are interviews. Interviews with experts, celebrities or anyone interesting can add a lot of value to a podcast. That fact is, if you have an interview based show, you want to be able to host interviews whenever, wherever possible. Gone are the days of booking…

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