Best Studio Desk For Content Creators: Our Favorites

Finding the right studio desk is incredibly important. No matter what type of content you create, the comfort and practicality of your desk could be the making of you. If you have a creative job and you spend a lot of time at your desk, it will be essential to create a space that you…

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Podcast Mic Stand: Our Best Of List

to show what a mic podcast stand looks like. This is a typical desktop mic stand that a podcaster would use.

When podcasting, one piece of equipment swiftly stands out as essential: the podcast mic stand. But why exactly is this tool a must-have for any podcaster? Well, the reasons are plentiful and compelling. Firstly, embracing a microphone stand means embracing freedom. Picture this: you’re deep into recording a captivating episode, your thoughts flowing freely. With…

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Best USB Microphones

best usb microphones

The best USB microphones can be hard to find whether you are a beginner or veteran streamer or just looking for something new. After only a few podcasts, live streams or video productions, you realize the built-in mics just aren’t enough, and you need something new for great content. To raise your game in the…

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How To Get The Best Lighting for YouTube Videos

a sample of a 3 point lighting system. this is an advanced lighting technique that can be used for lighting youtube videos

When it comes to creating standout content on YouTube, lighting isn’t just a detail—it’s a star player. It’s the difference between a video that’s merely watchable and one that captures and holds attention, conveying professionalism and quality. For aspiring YouTube creators and vets alike, understanding and conquering the art of lighting is crucial. This article…

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Shure SM7B Review: Why Top Podcasters Love the Iconic Microphone

a shure sm7b with an orange background

We’ve all seen the Shure SM7B. Hell, most content creators have dreamed about getting one. But why? Well for one, it looks bad ass on camera. A lot of popular podcasters and YouTubers use this microphone. But, aside from it looking great, it also sounds great. And, in this day and age content creators need…

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RodeCaster Duo Review – Unlock Your Podcasting Potential

the rodecaster duo in all its glory. black chassis, colorful knobs and faders

When embarking on a journey into professional podcasting, finding the right gear is crucial. Enter the RodeCaster Duo – a powerhouse tool that’s reinventing the podcast production landscape. This article dives into the heart of what makes the RodeCaster Duo stand out. We’re talking a sleek, all-in-one solution that streamlines recording. Imagine having an intuitive…

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Shure MV7 Review: Why This Hybrid Mic is Ideal for Intermediate Podcasters

the shure mv7 in all it's glory

The Shure MV7 is a innovative hybrid USB and XLR microphone designed specifically with podcasters and content creators in mind. This versatile mic allows for both USB and XLR connectivity, giving podcasters the flexibility to use it for a variety of recording setups. With its sleek all-metal, black design and touch panel controls, the MV7…

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Rode Wireless Go 2 vs Rode Wireless Pro

Today, we’re sizing up two giants in the audio game: Rode Wireless Go 2 vs Rode Wireless Pro. Both mics offer a blend of top-tier sound and user-friendly convenience, making them ideal for content creators who want the best of both worlds. But when it comes to the nitty-gritty, which one stands out? Stick around,…

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Best Podcast Webcams For Recording Video Podcasts

A webcam setup for a podcast

Poddy People, have you ever wondered how using a webcam could elevate your podcast? Let’s face it: in today’s saturated content landscape, audio alone won’t cut it. You’re not just vying for ears; you’re competing for eyeballs too, against giants like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. That’s where video comes into play, leveling up your…

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Best XLR Cable: Our Top 4 Picks

We all want to sound our best, and while microphones and recording environment play a big role in this. So does the quality of your XLR cable. Did you know that? Most people don’t think about  XLR cables affecting the quality of their recordings. We’re here to change that So, in this article, we’re breaking…

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