Gain vs Volume: Nailing Microphone Levels For Better Podcasts

Demonstrating gain vs volume on a Focusrite 2i2 Scarlett audio interface

When recording your podcast, do you ever find yourself cranking up your volume to rock concert levels only to realize your podcast sounds more like a whispered secret? If this is you, perhaps you don’t understand gain vs volume conundrum. This can be a confusing concept for podcasters. So, in this post we’re teaching you…

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Best Podcast Equipment For 2024

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole searching for the best podcast equipment. There are tons of equipment options available for all levels of podcasters. Where does one begin? Well, it depends on your needs and level of expertise. There’s affordable equipment suited for people just starting their podcast journey, as well as expensive…

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iRig Pro: The Smartphone Audio Interface Every Podcaster Needs

The image is of an iphone connected to the iRig Pro and a Shure SM58 microphone. It's designed to show people how the connection looks and how the device works.

Have you ever wondered how content creators get such exceptional audio quality when recording with their smartphones? Most people would assume they have expensive equipment to play with. However, the reality is that some content creators only use a smartphone and an iRig Pro. The iRig Pro has been the audio interface of choice for…

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Zoom H6: The Ultimate Portable Recording Tool for Podcasters

Say hello to the Zoom H6 – the ultimate tool for all your podcasting needs! This compact and portable recorder is perfect for recording high-quality audio on-the-go, without sacrificing sound clarity or professionalism. With its versatile features and intuitive interface, the Zoom H6 is a must-have for any podcaster looking to take their audio game…

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The Complete Guide To Recording a Podcast With

With, you can create top-notch podcasts using just a microphone and a web browser, or even capture 4K video effortlessly! That’s why we’ve dedicated this post to everything offers. And here’s some great news, click this link and you can enjoy a 20% discount on any individual package. Just enter promo code CLIPPED…

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Rode PodMic: The Complete Guide

The Rode PodMic is quickly becoming the go-to microphone for podcasters who care about audio quality. Let’s be real—your mic can make or break your sound, and in a crowded field of over 2 million podcasts, ‘just okay’ won’t cut it. That’s why we’re honing in on this specific mic. If you’re after crisp audio,…

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The Top 5 Audio Interfaces For Podcasters

Choosing the right gear can make or break your podcasting journey, and that’s why we’ve compiled The Top 5 Audio Interfaces For Podcasters to guide you through the maze. This article is more than just a list; it’s a comprehensive review and features guide designed to first demystify what an audio interface does, and then…

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Top Ten Podcast Microphones For Every Budget

There’s nothing like getting behind a GREAT microphone. It’s a huge confidence booster. But, do you need a great microphone for podcasting? Probably not, but the jury is still out on that one. Podcasters love to debate about microphones. You do, however, need a GOOD microphone, and today, we’re going to be giving you our…

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What Makes The RodeCaster Pro So Amazing?

This image shows the Rodecaster Pro in all it's glory.

As podcasting becomes a lucrative form of income accessible to everyone, podcasters are chomping at the bit to build their podcast studios and recording kits. But, not all podcasting setups are created equal. Maybe you already have a decent podcasting kit, but, you’re eager to level up your sound. Or, maybe you need both a…

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